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A bit of thunder has been swooped from the first World Cup Downhill of 2019 thanks to a regional race at the same venue the week prior. Will it matter for racing? Probably not. Is it a good topic of discussion? Sure is. Sven, Boris and Dan are back with the goods!

Eliot Jackson is your new Red Bull commentator, and he is wearing a Vital MTB shirt. YEOW! @maddogboris
New Lid Day for Danny Hart! @maddogboris
Rock n; Roll, Tahnee! @maddogboris
Far too tempting for part-time rider, full-time fisherman, Brayton having a pond full of fish so close to the pits. -Dan Hearn
These are roots from the old bits of the WC track. Let's wait to see how the fresh bits of the track look on race day. Luca Shaw in audio. @maddogboris
Flo Payet crashed and suffered a knee injury at the same time as Myriam Nicole around 3 weeks ago. Track walk was tough, but he's hoping to race come Sunday. -Dan Hearn
Brad Benedict's raced here ten years ago. Fast forward, and now he's in charge of projects like the new Specialized Demo that will be raced under Finn and Loic. See the bike and hear audio in our DH Bikes feature. -Sven Martin
Last year this time is was all about rocks and rocks and rocks. Now it's all about roots and roots and rain. Phil Atwill in audio. -Sven Martin
Kade's fresh from a broken foot, ready to step up onto the big rig for his first race in the Elites...if you can get him off his jib bike, that is. -Sven Martin
Maribor has early roots in downhill's first races in 1999...probably on this bike here. Loic and Blenki discuss things. -Sven Martin
Great to have such an amazing venue so close to a big city. A good mix of natural and man-made bike park for the season opener. -Sven Martin
The 2019 Maribor Startgate. @maddogboris
Kaos showing his Team where he will be at training, quali and finals. @maddogboris
Rachel was the last to win here in 2010. A new bike with big wheels and newly formed team combined with lots of motivation for the current World Champion. -Sven Martin
Marcelo Gutierrez has some interesting points about pre-World Cup training. @maddogboris
Gee knows what needs to be done. -Sven Martin
Greg Minnaar was the last winner here back in 2010. Finally free of injury with a good off-season, expect to see Greg where he was at the end of 2017. -Sven Martin
It's all about the limited edition Vans this year. #sneakerwars -Sven Martin
Sam Blenkinsop points the fastest way down through the iconic Maribor rock garden. -Sven Martin
Half the challenge is trying to pick a clear line down the rock garden. Mick Hannah in audio -Sven Martin
Loris straight from Sea Otter ready for Maribor. Polar opposites tracks. He gives us his thoughts on a race here last weekend. -Sven Martin
"This is a Test"! No pressure for the Cannondale crew. @maddogboris
Hurly Burly Book, perfect for autograph hunters. Great to to see printed materials out-ranking the celeb selfie. -Sven Martin
Mille not afraid of anything. Third place last weekend with a flat tire the whole way down. -Sven Martin
Winston Churchill dropping knowledge on Matt Walker's new lid. Paid off last weekend. -Sven Martin
Can you come up with a name for Brendan's new Vlog Series? Answers in the comments. -Sven Martin
Polish tire sniper. -Sven Martin
Loic Bruni stoked to be in Maribor... @maddogboris
Yes! One of the signs that the 2019 World Cup season has officially started. @maddogboris
The Ferrari of scooters; Bernard's newest Facebook marketplace acquisition - Pony Express. -Sven Martin
Team GT Factory Racing bringing the good vibes to the track walk. George Branningan finally back healthy after a handful of broken collarbones. @maddogboris
Emilie Siegenthaler's first time back at the rock garden where she crashed on Sunday in training at the iXS cup. She is obviously not feeling well yet, but fingers crossed she can race! @maddogboris
Wyn Masters back at it! Listen to the audio why Maribor has the most dangerous way to the start. @maddogboris
First race for Matt Walker with his new Pivot Teammates Eddie and Bernard. "Who let the dogs out?" @maddogboris
Sometimes you just gotta resort to the instruction manual. -Dan Hearn
Tracey Hannah with her UR Team Junior, Simone Chapelet. She smashed it here last weekend and took home the IXS win. @maddogboris
Vali Höll just won the iXS Cup last weekend here in Maribor. Unlike most racers, she went back home before the World Cup to go back to school. @maddogboris
A few fresh trucks appeared for the first World Cup round, MS Mondraker probably taking the win for biggest pit area though! -Dan Hearn
Look whos back. Steve Bell is the "new" face in the Giant pits. @maddogboris
If your ankle is not fully recovered make sure your arms are proper trained. @maddogboris
Madison Saracen have all bases covered. One rider on 29, one on 27.5 and one 29 front, 27.5 rear. -Dan Hearn
Stoked mechanics 'gramming their bikes. @maddogboris
You want your pics directly from trackwalk or delivered at 3am? @maddogboris
The World's widest right-hander! If you look closely, you can see Connor Fearon on the left end of the corner. @maddogboris
Dean Lucas unsure if he wants to get high or low in the rock garden. @maddogboris
Big jumps for big Boys. The right Jump was closed for the iXS Cup. @maddogboris
Better hide your guns, fellas! @maddogboris
If you want your fork serviced, replace with a bottle of wine. @maddogboris
New VR pre-training Finn? @maddogboris
Brook shows you one of the sections where he will go wild. @maddogboris
Juliana Bicycles have created a sick limited edition She-10 version of the V10 for Nina Hoffmann and Morgane Charre. Pearlescent paint never gets old! -Dan Hearn
First race of the season - wheel builds are on the go. -Dan Hearn
Just one more day and it all kicks off! -Sven Martin
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