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Introducing the new Kavenz VHP V7 Frames 6

The 7th evolution of Kavenz' high-pivot platform is here.

Introducing the Kavenz VHP V7 mountain bike frames, meticulously designed to redefine your off-road experience. VHP, which stands for Virtual High Pivot, is the backbone of these frames, offering a host of benefits that elevate your riding to the next level. With modern geometry, robust aluminum construction, and a range of innovative features, the V7 frames are your passport to conquering any terrain.


With the V7 we are able to offer 576 possible variants out of travel, rear center, front center, stack, and seat tube length on the back of one platform. If you multiply this by 215 colors and an infinite amount of ways to place your decals you can be sure that your Kavenz will be almost as unique as you are. Let's get to the details.

Virtual High Pivot (VHP) Technology: Elevating Your Ride

The core of the Kavenz V7 frames is the Virtual High Pivot technology. This revolutionary system offers a rearward axle path, providing you with unparalleled control and traction on the most challenging trails. The high anti-squat design with low pedal kickback ensures a smooth power transfer, while the balanced anti-rise geometry keeps your ride stable, even under heavy braking. While many high-pivot frames use a single-pivot or linkage-driven single-pivot suspension design, our frames rely on the trusted Horst Link suspension layout. That’s why we called it Virtual High Pivot.


One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Whether you choose the VHP15, VHP16, or VHP18, you're investing in a frame built on the same adaptable platform. All you have to change is the shock mount and shock. This unique modular design allows for easy conversion between models, allowing riders to tune their bikes to riding styles and preferences. These are possible configurations of the Kavenz VHP V7 frame:

VHP12-29 - Craziest XC Bike Ever: People asked, and we delivered. Let’s call it a crazy experiment on the XC field. For the moment we only offer the shock mount more info will come soon.

VHP15-29 - Trail Bliss: This is your go-to trail companion with nimble geometry and a focus on fun. Perfect for local trails, it's all about enjoying the ride.

VHP-16-MX - Race and Fun: Full-blown enduro racing with a twist! The 27.5" rear wheel keeps things lively and responsive, ideal for both racing and playful riding.

VHP16-29 - Enduro Origin: Where it all began - a classic enduro race bike with 160mm of rear travel, built for challenging trails and epic adventures.

VHP-18-MX - Freeride Thrills: Get ready for freeride excitement! With 182mm of rear travel and a 27.5" rear wheel, it's all about agility and fun, especially for smaller riders.

VHP18-29 – Race Ready Downhill: The ultimate downhill machine! With its 25mm rearward axle path and 184mm of rear travel, this bike is primed for serious downhill racing.

IMG 9794

Sustainable and Robust Aluminum Construction

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choice of materials. The Kavenz V7 frames are crafted from robust and recyclable aluminum, ensuring durability without environmental concerns at the end of the product's lifecycle.

Modern Geometry for Superior Performance

Embrace the future with modern geometries featuring steep seat tube angles and slack head tube angles. These frames are optimized for agility and stability, whether you're conquering steep climbs or tearing down technical descents.

Kavenz 15 29 Geo

Geometry 15 29.jpg?VersionId=1rDKL3KC.OAn yaD86

Kavenz 16 29 / MX Geo

Geometry 16 29
Geometry 16 MX.jpg?VersionId=qxHVXbAwgyYQ4VsZISJGZfCQ12c.

Kavenz 18 29 / MX Geo

Geometry 18 29 0.jpg?VersionId=Et
Geometry 18 MX 0.jpg?VersionId=ofKhNuD1RYy3.fRye8xy4duXm9v

Suspension Curves

Kavenz Kinematics VHP16-29-V7-Leverage-Ratio 0.jpg?VersionId=sT88F
Kavenz Kinematics VHP16-29-V7-32-24-Anti-Squat.jpg?VersionId=sQT
Kavenz Kinematics VHP16-29-V7-32-24-Pedal-Kickback.jpg?VersionId=C
Kavenz Kinematics VHP16-29-V7-Anti-Rise.jpg?VersionId=xmPOY4AR.u1ES.NkhTn
Kavenz Kinematics VHP16-29-V7-Rear Axle-Path.jpg?VersionId=tVO4YC74L3YAlS w

Introducing New Features for V7

With the V7 generation, we introduce a range of exciting new features:

  • Interchangeable Dropouts: Customize your ride effortlessly with interchangeable dropouts that allows quick and easy chainstay length adjustments. There are 3 options: 0, +10, and +20, ensuring your frame suits your riding style.
  • UDH Interface: The Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) interface accommodates both standard universal derailleur hangers and transmission direct mounts, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of drivetrain setups.
  • Lighter Rocker: Weighing just 270 grams, the lighter rocker is fully FEM optimized and enhances overall performance and responsiveness, giving you the edge you need on the trail.
  • Longer-Lasting Idler Pulley: The new 16T idler pulley is designed for durability, ensuring a smoother and more enduring riding experience over the long haul.
  • Black Oxide Bearings: We've incorporated Black Oxide bearings from Enduro Bearings, extending the lifespan of the bearings, so you can focus on what you love – riding.
  • AXS Blinder: Say goodbye to cable clutter with the AXS blinder, which covers the cable routing outlet and won't leave an open hole in your downtube.
  • Unbranded Freedom: Our Kavenz V7 frames are sold without branding, providing you with a blank canvas to customize your bike to your heart's content. We include a set of decals, allowing you to choose if and where to proudly display our logos. Your bike, your style!

Unleash Your Potential with Kavenz VHP V7 Frames

The future of mountain biking has arrived with the Kavenz VHP V7 frames. Unleash your full potential on every trail, thanks to cutting-edge technology and innovative modular design. Find all the details including geometries of the different variations, kinematics and dealers on


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