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Acros Introduces the All-New Flatpedal 6

The latest addition to the Acros product line combines features from two existing pedals.

The best of both worlds: Our new acros flatpedal combines the large platform of the xl pedal with the narrow profile of the md pedal. What's more, you can give the flatpedal a complete service and equip it with different pin sets according to your preference. Sounds like the perfect pedal for your bike? We think so too!


When it comes to flatpedals, it's all about one thing: fun! And, ideally, for everyone. Whether you're a mountain biking novice who appreciates the ability to dismount anytime, anywhere, or if you've already dived as deep into the rabbit hole as we have, dragging your shoes across the gravel with a locked rear brake. Even on a casual evening ride with a gravel bike or a multi-day bikepacking tour with just one pair of shoes, platform pedals are an excellent choice. They are essential, of course, for those who gather airtime and like to detach from their bike in the air. So, with our flat pedal, you'll also look great on some big jumps.

acros flatpedal 2023 mtb-action-shoot boppard-127.jpg?VersionId=5t92QutnwVXfKREJ

To keep the fun factor going as long as possible, the pedal's interior features two stainless steel ball bearings and a sliding bearing with double seals and two sealing rings. Because all components with bearings are subject to wear and tear over time, our new flatpedals are easy to repair and maintain. The integrated acros locking plate not only keeps the axle firmly in place but also serves as a tool for removing the axle. The locking screws of the acros locking plate, as well as the pins, can be removed with a 2mm hex key. This size can be found on nearly every multitool. In our service sets, you'll find all the replacement parts that may wear out over time. You can also customize the configuration of your pins with the flat pedal pin set to suit your needs.

combo.jpg?VersionId=q1GdVena91Vk0QsW716SYck. Fz5d8t

Last but not least, here are some hard facts: Our acros flat pedal measures 106 x 105 x 12 mm and weighs 395g in the set. The wide recesses in the pedal body make it difficult for mud and dirt to accumulate. With its minimalist design, the pedal looks great. For that extra touch, you can also customize the acros flat pedals with text of your choice using our configurator. What are you waiting for?

acros flatpedal 2023 gravel-mood-shoot baerenseen-006
acros flatpedal 2023 mtb-action-shoot boppard-109.jpg?VersionId=5BW1sb7xmKN.qaQBck6zCZ8wSelTA2

Coming Soon and Ready for all Bikes Around the World

The brand-new flatpedal will be available for purchase starting Thursday, November 9, 2023, directly through the acros online shop. You can hang the pedal on your bike in just two weeks for an attractive €120. The package includes a pair of pedals (right + left) and replacement pins (6 pieces 12mm and 6 pieces 10mm).

Technical Data

  • Platform dimensions: 106 x 105 x 12mm
  • Weight: 395g
  • Material: Anodized aluminum 
  • Color: black, silver
  • Number of pins: 24 per pedal
  • Pin length: m4 x 10mm and m4 x 12mm
  • (Length on pedal body 4mm and 6mm) 
  • Bearing: Double ball bearing and sliding bearing
  • Seal: inner axle seal (O-ring) + outer axle seal 
  • Crank-arm to pedal center distance: 57.7mm
  • service/replacement bushing/bearing/seal set available from November 9, 2023
  • axle set available from November 9, 2023
  • pin set available from November 9, 2023
  • locking plate set available from November 9, 2023
  • MSRP: €120

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