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Pivot Cycles Introduces the Phoenix Component System 12

Pivot Cycles takes the next step in complete mountain bike performance with the Phoenix Component System – handlebars, stems, grips, seatposts, and saddles that improve rider precision, comfort and control.

Pivot Cycles is known for leading the industry in frame stiffness and ride quality. Now, riders can further upgrade their cycling experience with the Phoenix Component System. Designed to improve precision, control and comfort on every bike, this collection includes a new Phoenix Team Carbon Handlebar, Phoenix Team Enduro/Trail Stem, Phoenix Team XC/Trail Stem, Phoenix Team WTB PadLoc Grips, and a Phoenix Team Carbon Seatpost.

“These components work as a system to maximize steering accuracy, while providing just the right amount of shock absorption and vibration damping to help eliminate rider fatigue, especially on long descents and in endurance situations” said Chris Cocalis, Pivot President. He added, “to make sure that every size rider benefits from this system, we offer a wide range of bar width and stem length options.”

The oversize 35mm stem-to-handlebar clamp interface plus the ultra-stiff center section of the handlebar eliminate front-end flex, while carbon layup of the rest of the handlebar is optimized for vibration reduction.

The Phoenix WTB PadLoc grip system increases a rider’s comfort on the bike by isolating the part of the hand that takes the majority of abuse on descents via a vibration-reducing pad at the outside of the grip. At the same time, riders gain superior control through the unique Phoenix grip design: ultra-soft durometer, dual compound material in a deep hexagon pattern that emulates the comfort of a larger diameter grip with small grip control.

Phoenix Team stems are 3-D forged out of 7050-T6 aluminum, the Enduro / Trail stem comes in 35, 45, 55, 65mm sizes and the XC / Trail stem is offered in 60, 75, 90, 100, 110mm sizes.

Phoenix Team Carbon handlebars are available in 3 widths - 740, 760, 800mm widths with 40mm of cut length on each end (up to 80mm total).

The engineered carbon layers of the Phoenix Team Seatpost allow for about two times the flex in the fore-aft axis as is found in standard post designs. The end result is reduced fatigue and greater comfort in the saddle on even the longest rides, great for endurance/XC racers and all hardtail riders.

The Phoenix Component System exceeds the demands of industry leading test protocols, the most brutal series of tests for components available. Going far beyond the demands of basic EN testing, this is a series of six tests for handlebars, stems, and seatposts that push any component system to the limit in real-world riding simulations. 

These newest components join Pivot’s line of customized WTB saddles – the Hightail, Vigo and Volt, to improve every rider’s interface with their bike. 

For complete details about each component and the complete Phoenix Component System, visit Phoenix components are available immediately through Pivot Dealers, will be included standard on select Pivot complete bikes and can be purchased on the Pivot Cycles online store.


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