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Introducing BYB Telemetry v2.0

Brescia, IT - Exactly one year ago, BYB Telemetry delivered the first 50 kits ordered through Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform that made it possible to produce the first professional telemetry system designed for MTB suspension.

The system was born to detect the motion of the suspension and other dynamic parameters of MTB while riding. It allows the biker to base the suspension set up on objective data, rather than relying on the rider's sensations alone and overcoming the existing limits regarding the communication between riders and suspension technicians.

After over a year of R&D, BYB Telemetry is ready to launch the version 2.0 of its telemetry kit. The new version contains relevant improvement concerning the ease of use, the reading and analysis of the obtained charts, also thanks to the tutorial videos published on the BYB Telemetry YouTube channel.


In addition to monitoring suspension, BYB Telemetry v2.0 now allows increasing the system’s potential by introducing two very fast to install brakes and wheel speed sensors.


The brake sensors are custom made and require only a few minutes of assembly. They allow you to evaluate the balance of the bicycle and the behavior of both suspension units during braking, in order to improve the overall set up.


The wheel speed sensor, coupled with the powerful integrated GPS antenna, provides an absolute precision in terms of speed and distance traveled along the trails.

This upgrade has enabled to release a new software feature which allows to address also the most demanding riders, managing to identify with extreme precision the points of the track where the rider is slower or faster, highlighting them in green or red. Therefore, both amateurs and riders engaged in any kind of competition will be able to evaluate and compare how different set ups of their bicycle can influence the chronometer feedback, safety and riding pleasure.


Through the smartphone app (Android and iOS) and the dedicated PC software (Win and Mac), every rider will be able to consult the more intuitive new charts, in order to understand the bike more deeply, as well as the differences among different settings. The automatic tuning, specifically thought out for rental services offered by bike shops is totally renewed. One click is enough to receive a direct suggestion on how to set up a customer’s bikes. From our tests, only three acquisition runs are needed (including relative adjustments after each one) to properly set pressures, rebound clicks and compression in order to get a well balanced bike. The overall balance of the bike is investigated also by studying the motion of each wheel by interpolating the characteristic points of the leverage ratio curve of the bike’s swingarm.


The software and smartphone app are constantly evolving and characterized by periodic updates, new features and a lifetime license without any extra fee.

BYB Telemetry v2.0 is lighter, more compact and even more powerful, despite the increase from 2 to 10 acquisition channels and it's ready for ad hoc customization. The sampling rate was brought to 1000Hz and the configuration of the parameters of your vehicle was also integrated within each run. This is a practical register that allows you to keep track of a lot of parameters such as every click on the knobs, custom spacers on the stem and the pressure used.


Made of CNC aluminum, the new set of universal mountings improves and simplifies the assembly of the kit on any downhill, enduro, cross country and e bike.


BYB Telemetry pursues the goal of making the best personalized suspension set up accessible to everyone and for this reason, it has introduced a new bundle, which is suitable for use on both MTB and Motocross. It allows the use of a single acquisition unit and a set of several dedicated sensors. The kits can be pre-ordered at a discounted price with fast delivery time.


Here is a captivating subtitled video, shot at the Pila Bike Park during a test day with Francesco Colombo, rider of the Italian Downhill Team. Find out what his impressions were and how BYB Telemetry allowed him to improve his times on the track!


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