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Foxfolk Launches Dirtskirt™, A World-First In Frame Protection 9


After two years of vigorous R&D and 186 prototypes later, we’re excited to announce we have launched The Dirtskirt™. This world-first product is designed to protect the lower linkage pivot of your bike and features a proprietary acetate-backed EVA laminate which flexes and follows the swingarm through its entire travel keeping that vulnerable gap between the frame and main lower linkage pivot completely closed. The innovative design prevents mud and stones from getting trapped in the dreaded loam shelf, eliminating the risk of frame damage and breakages. 

We think of the Dirtskirt™ as an affordable insurance policy, for a worldwide non-warranty covered problem.


There are no zip ties or velcro straps involved here, just premium grade 3M VHB foam tape. During our R&D phase, we tested 57 different adhesives to ensure the product can absorb significant shock from suspension movement as well as withstanding any form of debris, mud, water, heat, cold and humidity across vastly different climates around the world. Our final adhesive selection is commonly used in the aviation/automotive industry. We had local pro riders testing the Dirtskirt™ for 250+ days, over two full mtb seasons, and the Dirtskirt™ product never came off any frames.


Frame Compatibility

The first Dirtskirt™ SKU is custom designed for 2019-2022 Stumpjumper carbon and 2019-2022 Stumpjumper EVO carbon frames. Why is it not a generic fit product? The reason why is due to the design of lower linkages between bike brands being predominantly asymmetric from left to right, front to back and often off axis in design. To add to the challenge, different bike brands use completely different suspension kinematics based on licensed linkage patents. Combined, these variables create a rather tenuous R&D challenge, one of which we have taken on! That’s right, our Dirtskirt™ 2.0 will fit a large range of bike brands and frame models, and will be launching in the last quarter of 2022.


Pricing & Availability

The Dirtskirt™ retails for $29.99 USD and is available now, shipping worldwide from our direct to consumer website



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