Foxfolk Dirtskirt

So you’ve just bought a shiny new modern geo Trail/Enduro carbon mtb and you’re beyond excited. It’s expensive, beautifully designed and incredibly well engineered, but as bike designers squeeze 29’’ wheels combined with short chainstays to create phenomenal handling full squish bikes - a new problem is born. Debris flies through the rear wheel, rocks and mud enter the loam shelf. As the swingarm goes through its travel, trapped debris in that small tight space can act as a nutcracker which can lead to frame damage, or even worse, catastrophic cracked frame failure.

Why does this matter if you have new bike warranty? Well, unfortunately mtb brands deem this particular issue as wear and tear, so it's not covered by any bike warranty! This can result in the rider having to shell out several thousand for a new frame or alternatively a complex and costly carbon repair. As well as the inconvenience of riders being without their bike in the middle of their riding season, while trying to source a new expensive replacement frame or repair.

Our team at foxfolk™, a New Zealand based mtb product innovation company, set out to solve this problem, offering riders full peace of mind while riding and saving them potentially thousands along the way.
Credit: Foxfolk

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