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2024 Cannondale Scalpel - More Travel, Progressive Geometry, and Burlier Builds 6

The Scalpel joins the movement of aggressive cross-country bikes that blend trail bike descending capabilities with XC race bike speed.

Ever since the first one proved that dual suspension could be faster than hardtails way back in 2002, Scalpels have always led the way. Moving XC forward. Defining what cross-country will be, not what it is or has been. This new beauty continues that legendary legacy. More travel, more capable geo, more capable spec, and racy lightweight. Blurring the lines between full-tilt trail capability and full-on race speed. Because these days, they are one and the same. Fast may be fun. But faster is funner. Welcome to faster.


The all-new Scalpel is a thrill ride. With the most advanced suspension and geometry ever to grace a lightweight race machine, plus aggressive XC spec, Scalpel finds extra speed on every part of the trail. Accelerate where others hesitate, grip where others slip, overtake where others brake. Scalpel leads the charge into a whole new era of XC. Punch your ticket, clip in, and get ready.


  • Carbon frame with FlexPivot chainstay
  • 120mm front and rear travel
  • 29-inch wheels
  • 66.6 degree head tube angle
  • 75.5 seat tube angle
  • Size specific chain stay lengths
  • Size specific kinematics
  • MSRP: $4,000-$14,000 USD

Not just more travel – better travel. Thanks to the magic of our FlexPivot kinematics and Proportional Response suspension, Scalpel’s 120mm of travel delivers unreal traction, more control, and a hell of a lot more fun – with all the efficiency and responsiveness you’d expect from a World Cup race rig.


No other fork looks like Lefty, and no other fork does what Lefty does, landing riders on countless podiums since its introduction nearly 20 years ago. Unmatched stiffness, smoothness, and responsiveness result from that wild design, so when it's showtime, Lefty keeps you at the front of the line.


This ain’t no fashion statement. This is pure, purposeful design. Every element of the Scalpel’s form is driven by function above all – kinematics, weight, stiffness, and capability. Features drive the shape, instead of the shape constraining the features. And fast looks good.


Speed starts with the geometry, and Scalpel’s got the hole shot. A slack 66.6º head tube angle and frame geo that is customized by size to keep the rider more balanced between the wheels. The result? More power and traction on the climbs, more pinpoint control in the corners, and a whole new level of confidence at speed.


System Overhaul


The SystemBar XC-One is a one-piece carbon cockpit that’s both lighter and stiffer than most two-piece cockpits. Ergonomically shaped, internally cabled, and packing a full 760mm of width, it gives you ultimate control over the trail. Available on SystemBar Models only.



FlexPivot stays are key to Scalpel’s incredible suspension performance and low weight. These patented carbon sections act as virtual Horst link pivots, creating a true four-bar link suspension that allows our engineers to precisely tailor how the suspension responds to pedaling, braking, and bump forces, without the weight or maintenance of bearings.

Fly Low


The cat’s out of the bag: A dropper post’s ability to instantly raise or lower a bike’s saddle for technical sections or steep descents is a secret to speed that XC riders can’t ignore anymore. It’s why you’ll find them on any Scalpel – so you can command any terrain, and fast.

Proportional Response Suspension


How a suspension system responds to inputs is heavily influenced by the rider’s center of gravity, yet most designs on the market use the exact same suspension layout across all the sizes. With Proportional Response, we customize the kinematics by size to deliver the absolute best traction, braking, and pedaling performance.

Geometric Advantage


Full size-specific customization keeps you balanced in the sweet spot. A wicked slack 66.6º head tube angle delivers confidence at speed. Steeper 75.5º seat tube angle and longer reach keeps you in the perfect position for power and traction on the climbs. Hurt ‘em on the ups, drop ‘em on the downs.



$14,000 USD
$9,500 USD
$9,500 USD
$6,500 USD
$6,500 USD
$4,000 USD

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