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2014/2017/2021 Specialized Demo Alloy how do they each compare - looking to buy my first downhill bike.

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3/22/2022 5:11 PM

Hey, just checking if anyone here has ridden the last 3 different types of frame from the Demo series and how they compare.
I had a go on a mates 2014 Demo 8 alloy frame stock (oldest of the 3) on the weekend and really enjoyed it, previously I have tried a 2017 Giant glory and a 2021 Mondraker Summum and found this old specialized felt better than both for the type of riding I like which is pretty playful doing average size jumps/whips and like being on the back wheel manuals wheelies etc... like to try some double black stuff but not going for all out speed.

I have read in reviews the 2016-19 model got a bit more length and less playful more for racing.
Then I read in reviews the 2020-22 model, which is the latest frame is back to being more playful when compared to other down hill bikes.

I haven't managed to find a second hand 2014/15 Demo 8 but have found a decent condition 2017 Demo 8 for around $2k and have found good 2021 Demo expert for around $4k.

Is a 2021 Demo expert double the price better than a decent 2017 Demo 8? and if so will the 2017 Demo 8 feel a lot different than the 2014/15 Demo 8 ?



3/23/2022 1:53 AM

Is the 2021 Demo a mullet? Can't remember when they started selling it as a mullet versus full 29er DH bike, because full 29er will feel drastically different than a 2014 26er which is a tiny bike in comparison hence the fun factor. New bike can do all that but the 2017 will be "easier" with the smaller frame and 27.5 wheels front and back.

2017 fun factor wise isn't that much different the old ones as long as sizing is right. Personally I would not buying a 26in DH bike purely because of availability of tires and less so wheels.


3/23/2022 2:03 AM

Thanks for reply, yea the 2021 im looking at is Mullet 29/27.5, the 2017 is still 27.5 so might go with that one


3/24/2022 11:00 AM

2021 linkage is superior


3/27/2022 10:52 PM

The weight distribution of the older bikes is terrible. Very short rear centres.


3/31/2022 9:22 AM

JCL wrote:

The weight distribution of the older bikes is terrible. Very short rear centres.

They had short front centers too! The 2011-2015 were really fun bikes.


5/26/2022 12:57 AM


Go for The 2021 mullet if you like a bike that can go fast as hell an is very playfull riding on Local singletrails and others no problem Demo 2021 in short mullet config is absolut fun bike! Photo


5/26/2022 7:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/26/2022 7:41 PM

I might get down voted but should the downhill bike be really playful? What playful even mean? What you expect to be like? DH bikes are meant to go fast on rough terrain so usually slack and long. You can still jump it around big time but you will have to work with that bike. It’s still a lot of fun and longer platform can give more confidence but it will be also more demanding.

On other hand maybe buying freeride or enduro bike these days will be better as it might offer more sizing options between stable and playful plus more efficient platform to pedal.

Anyway geos changed so much in the past that 2014 DH will feel many ways, maybe even playful as it’s probably quite short in comparison to these days XC bikes. But I would be careful with getting wrong (small) size thinking it’s going to be more playful… ideally get the right sizing first.