Vital MTB Social Scoop 8

Christmas 2017 Edition

Finding cool stuff on Instagram and having fun with it; our gift to you this holiday season.

gordo: Surfing in a lake? Talk about robbed.

iceman: Looks like he's about to get underscored again.

gordo: Amen.

iceman: Second only to "should of."

butters: That feeling when you ride away from a near-death experience.

iceman: The Moto GP boys would be proud.

gordo: Ever notice how many riders with the initials C.K. are ludicrous bike handlers? Cody Kelley, Chris Kovarik, Chad Kerley...

You guys thought I was done in the skate park ?| ? @pinkypillmoorehoss

A post shared by DJ Brandt (@djshreda) on Dec 21, 2017 at 8:27am PST


butters: STRAIGHT FIRE. Give DJ a follow or he'll keep staring at you mid-trick.

iceman: They say it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a skill. I'll be in the skate park for the next 1250 days in case anybody wants me.

gordo: What's In 2018: Super Daffy Crank Flips

gordo: Best bike-related account on Instagram?

iceman: Railing ruts and nailing nuts!

gordo: Remember last week's Social Scoop? Nothing is new.

iceman: We hear they are working on an air version for enduro.

gordo: If he swapped to a ceramic BB and upgraded his derailleur jockey wheels, he'd have so much more power output.

iceman: Imagine what this guy could do with an e-bike?

And finally, the best Christmas present you could ever receive


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