PIT BITS Part 2 - Maribor World Cup Downhill

It's a full-on techstravaganza in Maribor as we continue to scour the pits for more details on the race-ready rigs getting prepped to take on the first World Cup of 2019. Scroll down to take it all in and get ready to see these pristine tires hit the dirt as practice gets underway today. Yeow!

photos by Dan Hearn, Sven Martin and @maddogboris


Cannondale are making it very clear. IT'S A TEST BIKE.

Cannondale helmet dryers, with UV lights to kill bacteria.

Santa Cruz / Juliana

V10 link

2-tone Juliana She-10
2-tone Juliana She-10

Mitch Ropelato running fairly uncommon Time pedals.

All love on Mitch Ropelato

Red RockShox springs on Mitch's V10.

Grant of Trek Factory Racing has a new custom toolbox.

Tannus Armour Tire Insert

Tannus Armour tyre insert on Roger Vieira

Ryan Gaul's Rasta Whip (Trek in-house guru)   

Ryan Gaul (Trek in-house Guru)

Ryan Gaul (Trek in-house Guru)

Madison / Saracen

Danny Hart custom helmet paintjob

A trio of custom helmets for the Madison Saracen team.

Madison Saracen bike comparison: Matt Walker 29/29 Danny Hart 27.5/29 Alex Marin 27.5/27.5

29, 27.5, 27.5
29, 29, 27.5
Matt Walkers helmet
Matt Walkers helmet
Freshies for Madison Saracen
New truck setup for Madison Saracen. The heat obviously taking it

Giant Factory Racing

Stevie Bell in audio:

Fox suspension replaces DVO for Giant Factory.

Stevie Bell is back after 8 years away from the circuit.

Quietness is everything - soft velcro quietens down finned Shimano pads.


Line 'em up and knock 'em down.

Still 20 pairs of forks to service by 3pm. Track walk is always the busiest day for suspension techs.
Money doesn't grow on trees but Fox forks do.

FOX seal graveyard.

More Gamux 3D-Printed Goodness

Gamux 3D printed Garmin-mount top cap

Stem spacers & top caps.
Gamux spring seat

Prototype Carbocage chain guide to fit the Commencal Supreme DH with idler pulley.

Prototype Carbocage chain guide features 3D printed parts and a carbon backplate.

Box Components rear derailleurs becoming more common in the pits. Faustin Figaret's Commencal here.

Amaury Pierron's Commencal

More from Maribor:

Track Walk Slideshow

The Bikes of the World Cup

Loic Bruni is OUTSPOKEN

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