The relentless desert sun decided to take a break and make the second day of the 2015 Outdoor Demo one of the most pleasant in recent history. The weather must have had a positive effect on us because despite finding a few cycling oddities that make us question the existence of the human race,  there were a couple of diamonds in the rough, too.


The only thing that'll get you through Outdoor Demo.

Not so much a WTF, but a HTF. Chris Van Dine with the necessities for El Salvador life.

George Jetson might be impressed by this one-wheeled wonder. Mal isn't.

They could have just used a pipe-cutter, right?

Zee Zee top seeks Zee Zee bottom. Must be willing to take things slow.

Damien Oton ashamed of mountain biking at Outdoor Demo.

Why it's none more O.G. really.

The frame is reportedly 75-years old and we hope it makes it another 75!

Sweat much? This one's for you.

When low pressure strikes back. Multiply this by 500 or so today.

Today's Outdoor Demo Stats

We sat at the main corridor for those heading to the trails to gather some random, raw data. First one to 100 wins.

  • The first batch took about 15 minutes of counting tire formats. "Regular" tires (any diameter) vs Fat/Plus size tires (any diameter). 100 regular vs 42 balloons. We win.
  • The second batch was e-bikes vs non-e-bikes, which also took about 15 minutes to tally. 18 ebikes vs 100 regular bikes. We win again.

Tomorrow, we head to the recycled, cigarette-filled, gambler breath of the indoor show. Stay tuned.

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