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MTB Suspension Q & A Special with Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries 9

The Inside Line podcast gets deep into the bike tech. Mountain bike suspension nerds and noobs rejoice.

MTB Suspension Q & A Special with Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries

Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries answers all of our mountain bike suspension-related questions in part 2 of his Inside Line podcast interview. Myths, mysteries, set-up tricks and tips are all discussed in this fun, informative episode. Some answers may surprise you, some may leave you wondering. Regardless of opinions and preferences, there's no doubt that the modern mountain bike is one incredible machine.


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Listen to Part 1 of Darren's Inside Line interview

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sspomer sspomer 7/24/2019 7:31 AM

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Would be interested to hear thoughts regarding progressive coil springs.

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Hopefully Darren will be able to see this and maybe even answer (here's to hoping). Maybe @sspomer can help here?

Anyway, has there been any research or calculations going into the use of inerters on bikes? Is that even an option? A quick think over gave me the feeling it MIIIIIIIIGHT be beneficial for the pedalling characteristics (decrease bob on bob-sensitive suspension geometries), but i fear it might have to be something to decouple from the frame to get the best bump performance.

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I only just noticed the fact that if one pauses the cast, it goes back a few seconds to let one remember where one was after resuming. How civilized.

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As much as it makes sense, why do I feel like the guys from push will be looking to see how many people are flipping over their bikes before a ride and holding their bikes in a wheelie position during ride breaks and having a chuckle?

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I've honestly been doing this for years and it 100% works. Wheelie position is better than flipping it, being when you flip it the fluid often gets trapped in inner part of the stanctions (there is a little area for the fluid to sit). Storing your bike on a hook on a wall, too, helps. Keeps the oil on the seals, and on the foam wiper.

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I've always hung my bikes for space savings since there are so many. And I've always had great luck with my fork life. Ride it hard and put it away wet, but on the wall.

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