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BOX Components has been quietly making their way into the MTB scene with a variety of parts and products. The most notable offering from BOX is their rear derailleur and shifter, which is one of the few alternatives to SRAM or Shimano. Focusing on anything to make your MTB experience more efficient and enjoyable, BOX recently sent us their new water bottle concept called the BTTR or "Better Than The Rest."

Cleverly designed, the BTTR is a 2-vessel, modular bottle system which allows for storage of both liquids and dry goods. As riders are looking for more reasons to get rid of a pack for shorter rides, the BTTR bottle provides a unique bike-mounted solution for bringing hydration, food, tools, phones or ID on the ride.

A total of five pieces make up the BTTR; two caps, two vessels which are 100% BPA-free and a silcone band that keeps everything together. The vessels come together vertically with a patent-pending "T-Lock" system and the band holds the system together horizontally.

The top half, designed for liquids, holds 13 fluid ounces and uses a silicone drinking nozzle. The bottom half, meant for dry goods, has its own cap and fits a variety of items. Energy bars, multi-tools, CO2 cartridges and tire levers slid in there individually without a fuss. With a little planning, you could store any combination of essentials in the lower half. BOX claims iPhone 5, 5s and 5c will fit in the lower half. Our phone had a bulky Otter Box case and did not fit in the bottle. The top and bottom caps are specific to each end, However, the modular design with T-Lock interface means that if you get two BTTR bottle systems, you could create one "double dry" and "one double liquid" bottle setup.

We measured the BTTR bottle at 10.5 inches tall, which is longer than the typical 22-oz water bottle. The length of the BTTR bottle prohibited use in our bike's seat tube bottle cage. The bottle fit just fine in our down tube cage. If you only have one bottle cage mount, it's worth checking that the BTTR will fit.

BOX has come up with a clever solution for bringing both liquid and dry goods along on a ride without the need for a pack. The BTTR bottle will retail for $19.95. Visit for more information.


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