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Gold, Parkincense and Myrhh? 106th and Parkin? You're Parkin up the wrong tree? I gotta million of them, but the MTB media nerds known as the Parkin Bros only have 5.

Which one of you guys is John and which one is Rob?
J) I'm John, the better one. That's Rob, he's not as good at life.

R\\ I'm Rob, the handsome one with straight hair and better fashion sense (like the time I wore tight red golfing trousers for the Megatrain in Whistler) Oh and I'm always the one people think is the older of the two of us!

Tell me a sweet Trek media camp story...preferably something involving a German MTB journalist.
J) Thinking about it, I haven't been on a media camp this year actually, too busy with the Trek World Racing team stuff. The one last year for the Session was pretty epic though, riding at 100000000000 feet of altitude in Brianhead, Utah and getting to live it up in Vegas all in the space of a few days. Not all glamour though, as highly experienced video producers, we had to spend a whole morning literally kicking rocks to clear one of the DH trails before all the Euro journos could come and skid down it.

R\\ At that same media camp in Brianhead I was tasked with riding two photo shoot bikes back to the hotel from the bike park. What I thought was an easy job at the time ended up being one of the biggest missions ever. It was downhill most of the way back on the road and the Session I was trying to hold with my right hand had a mind of its own. If I held it by the stem, it shot off down the hill pulling me and the bike I was sitting on with it building up some epic speed wobbles until it almost pulled my arm out of the socket as I crashed in pile of bikes, scratched shins and gravel. My second attempt went better as I held the bar at the end. This took a lot of effort to hold straight but at least I could use the front brake. I picked up a bit of speed with my new found false sense of security until I realized I couldn't modulate the Saint brakes when there was no rider on the bike. This resulted in the bike slowing suddenly, careening into my bike and taking the front wheel out from under me, sending me into another pile of metal, rubber and asphalt. After that I walked back.

If budget was no object, describe the ultimate set up you'd buy right now.
J) If budget was no object, I would get a Red Epic M as an A camera and a Phantom Flex for slow-mo duties. Unfortunately money does not grow on trees, so we are going to have to make do with a Red Epic X in a month or so. Still pretty much the best camera available in the world right now, so it's not all bad.

R\\ Same as above, Red have priced the Epic so low, our dreams are soon to be reality when we purchase a digital cinema camera of our own. It will be a bit scary mounting it to a cable cam for our film next year, so the 'budget no object' option would be to have a few extra in case we break it! Add to that a Quadrocopter and a professional cable cam system (I'm going to have build one from scratch instead). And of course a gyro-stabilized mount attached to a helicopter for those epic big mountain shots. Oh and a submarine while we're at it.

If you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?
J) I wouldn't have left my pimp Trek Session with custom team frame and matte black paint job along with my pimp Madone carbon road bike in the "secure" ski storage room in our hotel in Leogang this year... Bike thieves suck at life.

R\\ I honestly don't think I could have done anything better to improve where I am right now, I've always dreamt of being able to turn back time to be able to test things out without repercussions, but part of the joy of life is being handed unique chances every day where your choices give you direct control over where you're headed in the future. Ultimately I'm happy and that's all that matters.

What video project are you avoiding right now so you can answer these questions?
J) We should really be editing 'Finally 3' for Dirt and trying to figure out what the hell we are going to be doing next year. We have some cool ideas lined up, and expect to see a full feature film out of us in the next 12 months.

R\\ It's the off season now which means a bit of a break, but the 3rd online film from Dirt TV is due before Christmas and as John said, we're working on a feature film over the next year which will require a lot of planning for it to come out as we're envisioning. To paraphrase Jim Jannard, we'll be bringing a bazooka to a knife fight! Stay tuned...

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