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Most of you probably recall the LEGO Team Monster Energy/Specialized mock-ups that spread across the internet like wildfire a few years ago. Well, they're back! This time they're in the running to actually be produced by the LEGO brand.

A few words from the creator, James Dick: "Lego now have a new part of their website where members of the public can submit their own ideas for possible new Lego concepts. This is a change in their policy since I made the original Sam Hill Lego images a couple of years ago. Back then after contacting them regarding the interest I had gained from the images, I was told that they did not accept ideas from outside of Lego.

Just the other week I was contacted by a fan of my original images who kindly told me about this new Lego website. He also asked if I minded that he had submitted my images for review. This sounded like a great idea, the only catch being that in order to even be considered by Lego the idea needs 10,000 supporters. So in order to try and generate a bit of renewed interest in the whole Lego MTB thing, and what with the original images now being a bit out of date (Especially with Brendan Fairclough leaving the team!) I thought I would create some new images."

If you'd like to see miniature Sam Hills, Brendan Faircloughs, and potentially other riders in LEGO form, show your support by visiting this page. The goal is to reach 10,000 supporters, at which time LEGO will seriously consider producing them.

James has even prepared a new version of Fairclough's LEGO model should he join the Scott team:

1990's Rob Warner:

Present day Rob Warner:


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