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Fox website says progressive bottom out bumper, where did you see its hydraulic?

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The marsh guard post is clearer: Hard to see still but if its mud, thats a lot of coverage just on the shock body without any on the spring or frame in the same spot.

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At very least its a raw finish on the shock body

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Data acquisition for sure. The spring collar near the eyelet also looks to have more hardware to be bolted on.

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He wouldn't have had it at home in AU at all I don't think, it would have been for testing purposes with the team initially and he may not even have one now. The sale of the m16 may have indicated that he was getting an M29 to use over the summer, the ... more ยป

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Jack is currently selling off unridden 2018 Carbine and M16C... Maybe he's got new factory rides on the way, maybe he's off to a new team...

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New boxxer castings on the right? No step for bushings and a different profile on the dropout?

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Who needs that when you can just shift with your brain instead?

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No stress, mixing up terms is probably one of the big reasons people mis diagnose issues with their shocks. Cavitation is probably less common than people think, and as you said, the twin tube design of the x2, makes it almost impossible (or should do in theory), where as aeration is entirely possible if the shock isn't bled properly when rebuilding. If people think they have cavitation then it becomes an involved process to try and eliminate, where as aeration is just the quality of workmanship on the service. If the correct terms are used more often, then people would probably understand setups and issues better.

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Sam Hill: 4:11.349
Rachel Atherton: 5:20.736

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