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i thought it was a kids bike! that's epic! (and i had one too)

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#OnCoil - Transition Sentinel

Nice build, how the Revgrips behave on real world? BTW impecable cable routing set up , what do you think about routing the front brake behind the left leg ( ala Marzocchi) ?

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Syndicate Tire Inserts

Are Tire inserts+ heavier tubeless tires + tubeless sealant lighter than regular tire and regular tube?

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Schmitty's Skittles Kona Operator
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Nukeproof Pulse
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wjptak meta sx
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Kona Supreme Operator 2014
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MontenBaik in spanish wordplay. Monten = Montar = Ride .Baik is the BIke's in spanish pronunciation kind of writed cholo slang. The goal was to give a neuro linguistic command that sound very similar to the word Mountaint and use the same Bike pronunciation writed in spanish. Obviously isn't for everyone ,If you don´t know anything about spanish ( at least the diference between MONTAR y MONTEN ) everything will look mistaken for your native language

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Mondraker Summum Pro Team Limited Edition
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Proto DH01
Liked a comment on the item Specialized's 33.2 Pound S-Works Demo 8 Carbon Downhill Bike 10/8/2014 8:25 AM,2800/Project-Flyweight-The-28lb-Trek-Session-9-9-DH-Bike,26669/bturman,109 3 year old post.... just sayin'

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This is cool. I'm surprised it built up so light. I remember seeing Pipelines on the North Shore in Kranked II. Neat to see one still in working order.

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rad. teva-esque which isn't a bad thing at all

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The Sprinter steals the vid

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What's that song?

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i'd rather watch one of these slideshows than a three-minute clip compilation any day

Added a comment about feature John Cowan Launches Cowan Bikes, Debuts Carbon Dirt Jump Frame 9/23/2011 10:20 AM

Almost Perfect , I would love ISCG mounts , 10mm or 12mm drop outs, and ajustable seat post.
Most of DJ, Slopestyle scene pros , are building his bikes as lighter as they could because lighter means more airtime means more and/or dificult tricks with less effort by the athlete , they already using ENVE wheelsets, FOX XC forks, Shimano XC Cransets etc . So CF DJ frame doesn't sound crazy,and from the BLING-BLING perspective sound even better LOL .Considering that the product will mature in two years I will buy one if I could affort it , done 26DJ Godfather Cowan

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