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Nice build, how the Revgrips behave on real world? BTW impecable cable routing set up , what do you think about routing the front brake behind the left leg ( ala Marzocchi) ?

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Are Tire inserts+ heavier tubeless tires + tubeless sealant lighter than regular tire and regular tube?

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MontenBaik in spanish wordplay. Monten = Montar = Ride .Baik is the BIke's in spanish pronunciation kind of writed cholo slang. The goal was to give a neuro linguistic command that sound very similar to the word Mountaint and use the same Bike pronunciation writed in spanish. Obviously isn't for everyone ,If you donĀ“t know anything about spanish ( at least the diference between MONTAR y MONTEN ) everything will look mistaken for your native language

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This is cool. I'm surprised it built up so light. I remember seeing Pipelines on the North Shore in Kranked II. Neat to see one still in working order.

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rad. teva-esque which isn't a bad thing at all

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The Sprinter steals the vid

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What's that song?

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i'd rather watch one of these slideshows than a three-minute clip compilation any day

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Almost Perfect , I would love ISCG mounts , 10mm or 12mm drop outs, and ajustable seat post.
Most of DJ, Slopestyle scene pros , are building his bikes as lighter as they could because lighter means more airtime means more and/or dificult tricks with less effort by the athlete , they already using ENVE wheelsets, FOX XC forks, Shimano XC Cransets etc . So CF DJ frame doesn't sound crazy,and from the BLING-BLING perspective sound even better LOL .Considering that the product will mature in two years I will buy one if I could affort it , done 26DJ Godfather Cowan

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