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Man, those trails though.

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I get what you're saying, It's got an old school look to it even though it's brand spanking new school.

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Let's be honest, anyone who saw that corner knew exactly where Sam would go, I'm surprised no one else tried.

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I think just dropping the stupid lockout remotes must have saved him like half a tonne...Scott, get with the times, we aren't in 2009 anymore where we have like 37 levers on each side of the bar.

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I just want to know if they'll update the Revelation to Charger. #prettyplease.

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The UCI is already good enough at f***ing over DH. We don't need the IOC on top of that.

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I'm hoping they get rain that weekend. The mix of fresh new course and the fact most of it is clearly built in a drainage path would make for Champery 07 like racing...

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