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2013 Norco Aurum LE - Custom Build Size - L Shock - 2013 Fox DHX RC4, Kashima, Current Spring: 450lb Fork - 2013 Fox 40 RC2, Kashima, Current Spring:Yellow, Extra Firm (can swap for green, blue, or purple) Lowers signed by Aaron Gwin Wheels - Rims: Stan's

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2012 Fox 36 Float R - 160mm 1⅛” -1.5” Tapered Steerer - 198mm in length $450 20mm TA,. Air Sprung. External Rebound Adjustment. Stock on a 2012 Diamondback Mission Pro. Super fresh. Originally from fall 2011 and not ridden at all in 2012. No stanchion

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2011 Knolly Podium Frame - Large with 2012 Fox DHX RC4 - Kashima $1500 Color: Factory Raw This frame was originally purchased in the spring of 2011. In the fall of 2011 the front triangle, seatstay, and chainstay were replaced on warranty. At the time,

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As part of the result from the crash was 3 weeks of amnesia, I'll let my good friend Lacy Kemp's article in March 2012's Decline do the telling for me ("Dream Destination: Peru"). My version is a bit fuzzy to say the least. I have been back to riding a little less than 2 months and feel great. I owe every bit of my recovery to my friends, family, supporters, and the biking community as a whole. So THANKS!! If you're riding in the PNW or the WBP, look for the big dude shredding in an eye patch and say hi for a high five. Everyone's love is something I will never forget.

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Watching this is one of the very few times in the past 5 months since my crash in Peru where the double vision has been rad!

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Man, that must have taken so many CAD hours

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Life Saver


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Knolly Podium The photo was taken before a few upgrades such as as Gravity Light DM Stem, Gravity Light 7050 Cranks, and Kashima UT's for the 40.

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Better duck and cover, or the GoPro 'copter will take me out too.

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@Shenzi "Even if now Leatt and A-Stars says that the back piece is supposed to break under a certain load." I can vouch for that little carbon bit on the Leatts breaking under a certain load as I did mine in a couple months ago. It's hard to say what ... more »

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1. S. Hill: 4:12.14
2. S. Peat: 4:13.26
3. G. Atherton: 4:14.31

1. S. Jonnier: 4.50.30

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1. S. Peat - 2:40:29 2. S. Hill - 2:41:02 3. G. Minnaar - 2:41:52 1. S Jonnier - 3:00:22