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Allsport Dynamics is giving you the chance to win a pair of custom-painted OH2 carbon wrist braces! All you have to do is tell us about a gnarly crash you had in the comments. If you have photos or video of the crash, be sure to include them in your story. Allsport will review your tales of carnage and will pick a winner.


Allsport wrist braces are worn by some of the best riders in the world. Above are custom painted braces for Steve Peat, Matti Lehikoinen, Sam Blenkinsop, Justin Barcia and Cedric Gracia. These riders use the Allsport wrist braces as part of their daily kit to prevent injury and stay healthy throughout demanding race seasons.

The best MTB crash story in the comments wins!

 Curious what the OH2 brace is all about? Watch and learn in this Vital Tested feature.

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  • sspomer

    6/11/2012 11:19 AM

    Wow, you all did not make this easy! It wasn't easy because there were so many good stories, but also because the judges could only read a couple at a time before getting nauseous : ) In the end, the judges agreed that Mojojojoaf and his cattle-smashing-trampling-almost-dying story takes the win and the wrist braces! Thanks so much for playing and SERIOUSLY, be careful out there...and watch out for hippie chics and ice skating.
  • bullrider

    5/31/2012 6:22 AM

    im just gonna put it out there and say the guy who hit a cow at 30+ mph only to get stampeded on story by far.
  • mojojojoaf

    5/31/2012 8:08 AM

    Thank you but I don't know - there are some horrific stories here for sure and lots of wrist injuries, makes me wince every time I read the stories.
  • redzuan

    5/30/2012 10:49 PM

    i had a big crash in march during my weekend riding in raining days.this happen went i try to take a 8ft flat drop with high speed.when i landing i was miss pedal then my rear tires was slip and my pedal hit at the back of my right leg when i woke up i saw my leg out the wrong way.
    go to the hospital and i had 2 broken bones with ankle dislocate and torn all ligament around my ankle after operation i got 8 screws and 1 plate also 20 stiches.

  • rfrerichs515

    5/30/2012 6:04 AM

    I had a big crash in February this year at the 1st National Cup of the year.
    It was supposed to be my first year racing all the nationals, and I podiumed at my first national ever last year, so was looking to come in and have good results right off the bat.
    Qualifying, and I was on an awesome run until the final table top, where I changed my line from practice.
    I realised I was going too fast too late, the next thing I knew I was endoing onto the flat.
    Got up and remounted to finish the run, but as I crossed the line I saw my left wrist sticking out the wrong way.
    Trip to the hospital and i had broken 2 bones, dislocated it, and torn all the ligaments on the dorsal side.
    Had a quick operation to save the one nerve, and a second operation to fix the bones and ligaments.
    14 weeks, 20 stiches, 4 pins, 1 screw later, and I can only move it 20 degrees each way.
    Missed almost our whole season here in SA, and the first World Cup in my home country, also had to cancel my trip to IXS in Innerleuthen.
    But hopefully with an allsport brace I can race the National Champs and protect my right wrist at the same time.
    Some pics. Doesnt look as bad as it is though, all the damage is inside. basically I only had tendons and the skin holding the wrist together.

  • alessandro.scatto.9

    5/27/2012 4:08 AM

    My big crash was few years ago, during the Regional Championship of DH in the 2nd run final in the famous track VAL DI SOLE.
    Result? Big crash filmed and in slow motion, a wrist broken and a few scars.

    check it out the video!: (me at 2.50 minute)

    ale val di sole crash

  • alessandro.scatto.9

    5/27/2012 4:05 AM

    My last big crash was in Val di Sole at the Regional championship of "triveneto" in the 2010. During the 2nd final run i crashed before the last toboga, before the big jump. The result? wrist broken and a big BOOOOM!

    check it out the video of the crash!
    (me at minute 2.50)

  • Christian_Wilson

    5/25/2012 10:42 PM

    A couple of years ago, I was riding the Teton Pass trails. It was the end of my first year of riding downhill. I came into this hip a little to fast, over shot it and smashed my face into a massive rock. I broke my jaw and got a pretty bad concussion

    I went back to the same jump the next year and hit it with no problem.

  • mojojojoaf

    5/25/2012 8:16 PM

    Bovine ballet meets a Samoan brother from another mother!

    Ok so I have to admit as soon as I saw this contest I knew I wanted to share- thought I might even have a chance of winning but man you guys have really tweeked yourselves good. Sorry no photos as this was 1993 pre-cell phone/gopro camera days.

    August 1993 Payson Canyon Utah- we had just completed an early morning ride and we returning down the MT Nebo Loop on the canyon road with one of our friends in the truck following us. Myself and one other friend were really flying down the road (fast) when we came across a herd of cattle. Not cows, cattle. Shoulder high on me and I am 6 foot.

    Anyways we tried to move to the middle of the two lane road and pass between them as they were lined on each side of the road. Well, they got spooked and the cattle on the left side of the road freaked and went to the right and the cattle on the right side of the road freaked and went to the left....cattle all over the place (imagine bovine ballet). My friend who had been in front of me did the smart thing and laid his bike down and slid on the asphalt. I decide to weave in and out- wrong wrong wrong.

    I had no sooner decider to swerve around my friend then I smacked one of the larger cattle right in the shoulder, I had enough time to blink, compress, flip- see the sky and ground come into view a few times, then hit the ground and THEN get trampled on by the rest of the herd.

    Hitting the first cattle compressed my body folding me and collapsing right my lung, breaking two ribs and separating my right shoulder. I landed on my head- knocked out. Trampled by at least two cattle (confirmed by friend in truck behind us) broke my back- I had 1 broken pedicle on the T8, minor fracture of the T8, fractured T9, T10, T11 was broken in half front to back, T12, L1 and L2 fractured, hemorrhaging in the Caudal canal (its what surrounds the spinal column). My sciatic nerve in my right leg had also been pinched and I couldn't feel my right leg but could move toes and foot.

    When my friends got to me I wasn't breathing, had turned gray and they thought I was going to die. When I did come to one of my friends who was kneeling beside me could only say "Dude, Dude, Dude....."

    They got me stabilized but I was going into shock which really freaked them out as I stopped shaking and started to feel really sleepy, they tried to keep me awake until they got me in the ambulance which was an adventure. They used this type of gurney called a scoop- it splits in the middle length wise and is then locked together when they get it under you. I was in between a few boulders so they used the scoop and when they lifted me the lock came undone- I screamed for a few minutes not ashamed to say.

    I under went 6 hours of surgery 5 days later, was in the hospital 11 days, I have 7 screws and two rods that pin together my T10-T11-T12 and hold on the broken pedicle on the T8, AND the trauma had eaten my body as I could encircle my thighs with my hands where days before I had at least a 6 inch gap. I was down almost 20lbs and because they had done a bloodless surgery (no transfusion they were ready but the doctor didnt want to have to do if it wasnt needed) I was anemic. I would pass out if I moved even one of my arms to quickly.

    Any ways long story short the surgeon wrote off $25,000 in bills and told the insurance company I had met my full deductible and 30% out of pocket so all my other bills, ambulance, anesthesiologist, general practitioner, every pill, bandaid, towel, sheet and piece of toilet paper I used was considered paid for in full. He fixed me up so well and healed so fast 10 months later I broker two more ribs....but that's another story for another time.

    Thanks for reading guys- my wife asked me how fast I was going this time as I wrote the story as she has heard it hundreds of times and says I change how fast I was going every time....but just so you know the friend in the truck said he was doing about 30mph on the road and had a hard time keeping up with us as we could take corners faster the he could.

  • nehuen93

    5/25/2012 4:15 PM

    This was not my worst crash, but it is by far the most humorous.
    Last year, my friends and i were riding in our local bikepark and we decided to go to the 4x to run a little race between us. We were 4, so it could be good. In the start i took the lead, and for a good part of the track i continued leading. Until in a very fast rythm section with big jumps, I landed awkwardly and couldnt hit the next set of triples. As they were little I decided to manual them, but on the third one I pushed too hard with my legs, and hit the third knoll and kind of started doing a backflip. I let the bike go and fall on my back pretty hard. The guy that was behind me dodged me. But the third guy, that was way back, instead of starting to break or dodging me, just started shouting "MOOOOOVE". Obviusly I couldnt move as I was still rolling in the middle of the track with my bike above me. So he jumped the triple and hit me really hard.
    Consequences: broken fibula for me, not due to the first crash, it was when the other guy hit me. In his case, only a few scratches...
    We'll never forget that crash, and we still tel him "moooove" for any reason hahaha!

  • Sam93Hughes

    5/25/2012 3:24 PM

    This is going well.. Right?

    Literally about a week ago, I was riding some local downhill trails with a friend and on one run, there is two sketchy 6ft drops straight after each other.. with the second clearing over a stream. It was wet. So wet, that my pristine white riding gear, was brown. Some might say.. the dirt was 'Crimp'! After a few swings at it, and backing off, I finally went for it full tilt! I came out of the corner with a grin.. I felt good, what could go wrong? Well. The first drop came up and nailed, I came down so smooth (still grinning) and thought the second would be fine! But in the short run to the next drop, i got that feeling we all know and dread! "Oh dear.. My front wheels going on an adventure!" I washed out on the slick mud, just at the perfect moment before the lip- Now, for some reason.. I refused to let go. Apparently it looked as if I was scrubbing off it but instead of bringing it back.. I continued going round! I cleared the stream, and landed full on HEAD FIRST into a tree stump just off the trail! I heard the thud and then a bang- my bike joining in by landing on me!! My mate was wetting himself also.. Now, the crash was funny, but the result after- of stuttering words, getting general knowledge stuff wrong and basically having 2 testicle like lumps on my head were the highlight!
    Bike was a little bent, as was my head.. but it shows, if you see a line- do it. You might fall, but it'll be a hell of a funny for your mates!! And to draw an even bigger positive.. My helmet didn't even get a scratch!! Stay Unclipped.. Murk.

  • blackohio

    5/25/2012 2:05 PM

    Well, I don't have any super amazing bike crash stories but I do have a rather humorous tale of blind dates, ice skating and how horribly wrong things could go.

    It's probably 1995/6. I had been working a at record shop in Columbus OH with a buddy of mine. There used to be this silly hot little hippy number that he was friends with that came in all the time, now imagine it's '95 I'm in fullbore I go to hardcore shows mode, choker, tattoos, basically all of Boston.. The was a brunette domestic short hair, great curvy little body but still slender and fit. Im sure the inside of her pants probably looked like the black forrest though but I never got quite that far.

    After some time of hemming and hawing I finally asked her out, having not spoke to her much it's basically a gamble. She's a hippy and I hate hippies. But She has something I badly want so Im willing to cast my ideals aside and go for it. My buddy tells me that she had recently talked about wanting to go ice skating. Im game if it'll get me somewhere and having played youth hockey I thought I can do this no problem. Herein is where the problem lies. It's been almost 14 years since I've stepped onto a rink.

    We get to the rink, were flirting, playing grab ass. Im locked onto her ass like a great white after injured seals. We start playing tag. Somewhere deep in my man brain the competitive desire to win take over. Not just to win but to see my enemies driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women.

    As she's chasing me, in manbrain this happens, "slide stop, she'll shoot right past you." In reality, I simply pile drived the side of my face and skull into the ice like it was a icebreaker in the arctic sea.

    I'll take this moment to fast forward to the parts of the story I have recollections of. I distinctly remember, coming to boarded of on a stretcher soaking wet, I fondly remember ordering fast food in the back of the ambulance and having the doctor tell me about how my brain was swelling and they would have to relieve pressure. back to sleep tough guy.

    Now i'll jump back to the ice and why I was soaking wet. As Conan here drove his dome into the ground I guess his brain went all bouncy ball inside the skull knocking him out and giving him a severe concussion. the ice bitching slapped my zygomatic bone in half and blew the side of my head/temple open. The end result of all these things was a massive amount of blood. So I guess (as she told me in the hospital) I began to have seizures. Kinda like the scene in Alien when they beat the android to a pulp. So here I am flopping around like a fish outta water in my own blood and puke while everyone on the ice rink gather to watch the last moments of someones life ease away.

    At the hospital, after being given the news of the seizures by said girl and hearing doc tell me about the drilling of my skull (potentially) hippy chick stands up and says to him "I dont even really like him that much." and exits stage left.

    A long evening and day in the hospital being scanned and checked on, im released with a good amount of narcotics and a head that looks like Eric Stoltz in Mask.

    I trying calling girl a few times to just say im alive, I get no answer. She subsequently stops talking to my friend and ceases coming to the record store. We all laugh it off.

    About a year later leaving some sea monsters house at 5am and staggering home as I see none other than hippy chick jogging. From about 20 feet I see the moment she recognizes me and panics. Her cadence get fucked up and she looks immediately down.

    I make sure to laugh out loud as she passes.

  • Tom_B

    5/25/2012 1:21 PM

    On 1st September 2011 I was out riding my local jump spot as usual with my mates, sessioning a new line we had finally got dialled in (video below):


    However one run down here did not go well at all. After successfully hitting the berm, small hip and then the set up double, I got massively bucked over the big step down.

    I have no real recollection of what happened other than being in a huge cloud of dust and wondering what had happened. I got a friend to take of my full face and get me some water and that’s when he told me to look down at my arms.

    I had completely shattered both my wrists, badly. After about a minute I passed out with shock and when I came round again the pain was excruciating, not the kind of pain that makes you cry like a kid, but pain that makes you physically sick.

    My friends called the ambulance and with one person under each arm we began the mile long walk back to the road. This was the most excruciating experience of my life, bar none.

    When the ambulance finally arrived (40 minutes later!) I was on the gas and air straight away and I got through 2 canisters on route to the hospital! On arrival I was put under pretty quickly and my wrists were manipulated to a straighter position. After this was when I had my first set of x-rays. Bearing in mind this is after manipulation, it gives you an idea of bad they were.


    Following this I spent 1 week in hospital where I had 2 operations on my left wrist and 1 on my right. I then had to start my second year of University which was far from ideal coping with two broken arms!

    Left Post Surgery #2
    Right Post Surgery

    After nearly 10 weeks in cast it was clear that the left one had healed badly and so another surgery was on the cards. After some intense and painful physio my right was back to normal but there was a long wait to get my left one properly sorted.

    I finally had a titanium plate, screws and a bone graft done just after Easter and I’m due to get my cast of next Friday!! (1st June)

    After 9 months off the bike I really can’t wait to get riding again and I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it! Also being able to go to Fort William in 3 weeks time should get me pumped up more than ever to get back on the bike!

  • evancd

    5/25/2012 9:11 AM

    As part of the result from the crash was 3 weeks of amnesia, I'll let my good friend Lacy Kemp's article in March 2012's Decline do the telling for me ("Dream Destination: Peru"). My version is a bit fuzzy to say the least. I have been back to riding a little less than 2 months and feel great. I owe every bit of my recovery to my friends, family, supporters, and the biking community as a whole. So THANKS!! If you're riding in the PNW or the WBP, look for the big dude shredding in an eye patch and say hi for a high five. Everyone's love is something I will never forget.
  • bullrider

    5/25/2012 8:34 AM

    i was riding at freedom bike park in williamsburg va and i was doing just fine hitting the doubles and reg 5 foot dropoffs there and i came around a turn to hit a little 4 footer and didnt come off it right shortly after saying shit out loud i lande on my head and kinda scorpioned myself into a front roll. after shaking off the dust and telling everyone i was okay we kept riding for another 45 min. after i finished the trail we went home and had beers etc and my neck became pretty sore. ive had whiplash plenty of times so i thought it was just that. the next day i woke up and my neck was rrrrreeeeallly sore. so i decided to go get it checked out at the local doc in a box. this is where shit gets wild because my radioligist comes running into my room with a neckbrace and backboard and was like you need to get on this right away! to my surprise and hers i had broken my neck!? so i fractured my c1 c2 c4 and c5 and kept on riding...after 4 months of a halo and a neckbrace im back on my bike and getting at it again....can you forward this to leatt if i win? i need a a dbx collar!
  • b-lec

    5/25/2012 8:18 AM

    Dude, where's my parachute?

    A base-jumper buddy of mine and I are on a group ride in Moab. We're on the LPS section that rides along the side of a 500' cliff over castle valley. He goes over the bars on a steep roll in and lands face first in the dirt. We all see the crash, but it didn't seem bad at all so the group doesn't even stop. Me an another guy wait while laughing as he spits some dirt out of his mouth and re-adjusts his helmet. After a few secs we're riding again with him taking up the rear. I can hear him back there riding for a while, but after a few miles I've dropped him but think nothing of it. I meet the rest of the group at the overlook and pull out a snack as we wait for my buddy... and wait. After like 5-10 minutes I realize that he must have had a mech so I'll tell the group that I'm gonna ride back up and help him.
    I ride like a mile back up LPS asking everyone I pass and a group says they saw a dude back up the trail and he seemed fine but he was off his bike to the side of the trail just standing there. I'm puzzled but when I get there I can see what they meant; he is off his bike and like 5 feet off the trail - looking out over the cliff to the valley below and doing nothing else. The bike looks fine, no flats.
    "What's up, you ok dude?"
    "What happened" he replies looking at me funny
    "I don't know man - you tell me - you're bike ok?"
    "Where's my parachute"
    "Where the f%$* is my chute?!" evidently he thinks he came all this way to jump but forgot his chute.
    As I get closer I can see that he is rattled - his eyes look hazy, he keeps shaking his head back and forth and it's obvious that he has no idea who I am or what day it is.
    "We're riding bikes man - we're NOT jumping!!"

    While I walked him out to the road he must have asked me 15 times where his parachute was, if he crashed, where he was.... It was like his mind reset every 5 minutes and he was starting over. I was just glad we were walking away from the cliff. It took him a few weeks to recover and get his memory back but now all is good!

  • ben.mcneilage

    5/25/2012 2:54 AM

    My first thoughts were confused. I could not understand why my little finger was sticking up at a funny angle – with my other hand I began trying to straighten it out, but it was floppy and not interested in going back to where it should have been – The other thing confusing me was the crunching and cracking noises coming from the elbow of the arm trying to straighten my finger.

    The cloud of confusion began to lift. OMG. I am a 40 year old dad of two standing in the middle of Dixons Hollow, which is in the middle of a forest, with confirmed broken bits and there isn’t a living soul to be seen. Thank god I did bring my mobile……ah f*#k, ‘no network coverage’. Tried to pick the bike up, no chance. By now I noticed there was a good trickle of blood puddling round my feet, I couldn’t see where it was coming from but later found out it was from the chunk missing from my chin.

    The next feeling after confusion – was anger. I was absolutely god damn furious – shouting expletives and kicking every available stone I trudged up the hill to try and find some signal. As I passed back through the start gate, the one I should have never gone through in the first place, I got a bar of signal! 999…’Ambulance’….’Dixons Hollow’….’um’…’Dalby Forest’…..’er’…..’in Yorkshire’…’er’…. then, that particular bar of TMobile’s invincible super network with a twist of Orange dribbled away – and the nice lady who seemed to have no idea where Yorkshire was, was gone…

    the bottom line was an operation in Scarborough to pin an open fracture of my left little finger, a broken nose, broken right scaphoid, an operation in York to remove the end of the radial bone in my right elbow and replace it with a metal one and alot of gravel rash!

    Moral of the story – Mountain Biking is bloody great, but when it goes wrong it can go really wrong – be careful out there people!![LINK TO IMAGE] [LINK TO IMAGE] [LINK TO IMAGE]

  • LukeTrek85

    5/24/2012 11:35 PM

    My best crash was on my DH bike 2 years ago. I had my Trek Session 88 about 6 months & was so pumped to ride our local trail. At the time i was in between jobs so every day was spent riding till i ran out of daylight. My GF at the time would come out with me incase anything ever happened as she said. It never did, until the day she didn't come with me.

    I was fairly new to the sport of DH but my confidence got the better of me on the occasion in question. I was ploughing down our local trail that runs through an old quarry, the hill is a pretty consistent 45 degree decline, i approached this jump, i don't even know what it would be called, our jumps are just bush throw together jobs but boy did it KO me.

    The idea is to just ride off the end of it or roll & use the decline of the hill as a down ramp. Pretty simple, well thats what i thought, so i approached it to include in my run, now as i hit it i was going way to fast & all my weight was to far forward. I immediately went straight over the bars,travelling airborne head first down this hill & landed on my head a good 20-25 ft down the hill where it flattens out. As I've landed I've put my right arm out to brace the fall.

    Once i came to from being unconscious for god knows how long i went to pick my bike up but my right shoulder was not moving well & hurt like hell, so dragging my bike down to my ute (500mt) with one arm & a head that was ringing louder than a church bell, i made it finally to ring the GF. She immediately drove out to pick me up & take me to hospital, leaving my poor ute & bike out abandoned at the track.

    Basically got an X-ray on my shoulder, i had broken my collar bone which was my first broken bone in 25 years. So spent most the night in hospital sorting all that out. Now i must add that it was Valentines day this evening & we had reservations for a restaurant, the GF was pissed but soon sympathised with me. Go back to the hospital 6 weeks later for follow up xray after seeing a physio due to restricted movement . Xray later diagnosed me with dislocated ACL joint that was missed on the initial X-ray the night of the accident. Dammm was i pissed.

    Finally after physio & excersise i was able to avoid a operation & my shoulder healed well. Now i stay on the bike a lot more & love riding more than ever.

  • denver d

    5/24/2012 10:44 PM

    I feel sorry for whoever has to sift through all these stories of gnar....

    This isn't my worst crash, but my most memorable and humorous.

    Mine was just after I graduated high school in 1995. I had a very high tech Alsop suspension stem (the GOOD one with the squeaky bushings and coil spring that kept the travel in a linear motion, not radial). This was the first major upgrade I was able to afford as my dad had grown weary of it when he got his first set of Rock Shocks.

    I had been riding DeLaveaga Disc Golf for years, but never had descended the face of one particular hole, or basket. I really wanted to hit this natural halfpipe drainage, that ran down the hill below the last hole before "Top of the World".

    If you have ever played Disc Golf, you know what a stoner sport it is, and I was a regular on the course, as were all my friends and their friends. We even made a bench in the trees below the tee for the hole I was talking about, for pre-game preparations.

    On this day, I was riding with a somewhat inexperienced riding friend and pedaled away from him and made my descent down the hill that turned out to be way more rough at speed than walking up hill while stoned would have you believe. Add to this fact, that the tee is a flat spot carved into a steep hill. When I reached top speed in my biggest gear, I realized:
    1) I was going WAAAAAY too fast to do anything fun on the drainage walls
    2) I forgot about the tee-pad
    3) suspension is not supposed to "Suspend the Rider, not the bike(TM)"

    I hit the tee, and nose-wheelee-ed across (nose manuals are on purpose, done by people with skill) the tee pad in a sort of slow-motion, over the bars flip, at about 30mph. I had just got the back wheel under control when I hit another drop, OFF the tee pad that put me over the bars. Over the bars real good.

    My riding friend had stopped half way down when he sensed that I was going to eat shit in a big way and he wanted to see it. He thought I had killed myself as I soon as I hit the ground, but I had tons of adrenaline and was convinced he was right behind me, so I jumped up with my shattered bike and body, and got out of his way. I looked up and saw my friend who seemed shocked that I was standing, but before I could even take stock of my bodily or bike damage, I heard a familiar voice coming from the stoner bushes.

    "BWAHHAAA HAAA HAAA HHAAAA!!! THAT WAS GNARLY, DUDE!!! BWWWAAHHHAAAA HAA HA HAAA!!!!.......................................................................................................dude....Are you ok?"
    "I think so"

    Turns out some friends were starting a round of DG and burning one in the bushes and just happened to see one of my best wrecks ever. When I realized I was pretty OK( minus the slight concussion and massive dirt rash all over my back and destroyed knees and elbows), I limped over and heard them re-play my crash to some other stoners who missed it.

    I was in so much pain, I didn't realize my tube had popped out of my taco-ed front wheel without popping. I heard somebody say " Whoa! check it out! That's so trippy!"
    It was so thin it was translucent and when one of the stoners touched it, it blew up in his face, knocking him on his ass.

    I still ride this area frequently, and every single time I have to laugh and picture what I must have looked like to a bunch of super high kids, blasting into their view, and exploding into a high-speed tumble weed of carnage......

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