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That...that is a penis!

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I had a 29x2.5 DH Casing, MaxxGrip, Assegai (~1350g) on the front of my Sentinel and swapped to a 29x2.6 maxterra EXO+ and loved the change. The Assegai/Maxxgrip combo is insanely grippy, but dropping ~300g in the front tire was amazing.
I'm hoping they get more and more options available, I'm really into the EXO+ front and DD rear setup.

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Hell yeah. I love my Sentinel. That red is definitely gorgeous, though I went grey.

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Sick! I am waiting on one last part to show up before I post mine!

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Damn, I can not wait for my carbon Sentinel to show up this week! That Patrol is damn good looking!

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What hoops are you running on this beauty??

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Bike of the Day July 21, 2018!

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