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e-bikes rank just slightly above recumbents on the bikes you should ride list. FYI recombents are above tandems and tandems are above unicycles. You can't go any lower than a unicycle.

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Gee making it all look ridiculously easy and smooth with the GoPro, but that's just how good he is. These previews are so much fun to watch!

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3 reasons. 1. because 97.5 is a radio station. B. "reverse mullet" is breaking our community apart and we need to come together. III. beavis and butthead would laugh at 69er. if we need to go to court over it, our lawyers said that the "6" could come from "650b" and we'd probably have the case thrown...more

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I thought your final point was "at the end of the day Maes win."

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I hit up GG about the running the Mega in 29/27.5 couple months ago and there's a couple steps and lots more $$ to get it set up that way. to my mind, there's very few companies that have combo bikes ready for sale, Pole does the 130 travel bike, that's ... more »

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Tracy Hannah and, i believe, Marine Cabirou were on mixed bikes for 3rd and 4th place. But i agree, seems like the women's field would potentially benefit more than men's field.

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Wins in it's first 2 races, enduro and DH, with a 2nd place too, and Finn was up on Loic before he crashed. Kinda hard to dispute those kind of results.

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I'm sure you're close!

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I'm 5'6" and just got on a medium Transition Sentinel and starting to set pr's on strava, I was on a 170 F/R medium Capra before, 420mm reach and 65.5 ha on the Capra vs 450mm and 64ha on the sentinel and seattube length 450 capra vs 400 sentinel. They ... more »

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How has your experience with these handlebars been? Very interested to hear.

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I need to upgrade my DH bike...

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Daily Shot January 17, 2019!

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Look at supercross, looks like they're all wearing skinsuits now. Not having stuff fluttering around while you're hauling ass probably just feels better, too.

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Every time this bike pops up it's equivalent of getting dumped on prom night.

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I have a 125mm Transition Scout and a 170mm YT Capra (soon to be replaced by a transition sentinel), they both get ridden a lot. the scout gets ridden on gnarly trails and flow trails but definitely cant keep up with the YT when it gets really rough. ... more »

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that was awesome. I love watching Loris ride, he's a bike ninja, he should be making bike ninja movies.

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These bikes are not really comparable, One is a 27.5 160/170mm travel Enduro slayer and one is a 29" 130 travel trail slayer. Both great in their perspective area of expertise, be it weight, prowness, or price

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If i could travel twice as far with the same amount of physical exertion as a normal mtb without sacrificing anything on the downhills? when that's possible, I will buy an eMTB.