NEW Expert and Pro MTB Terrain at the Basin Gravity Park 5

The Basin Gravity Park just a half hour outside of Boise, Idaho, has opened up some new black diamond, double black diamond, and Pro Line technical mountain bike trails in the 40 Acres of Freedom zone. The zone sits a bit outside of the main bike park area and is accessed via New to This and the Highway 40 connector trails. Local shredder, Logan Brown, takes us for some wild rides down these new gems. Don't let the GoPro effect fool you, some of these moves are steeper than they look.

The Black Diamond trail, Hobo Juice, is the main artery that offers double-black and Pro line options on the way down. Once crossing the road for the first time Hobo Juice stays to the left, Colt 45 goes Double Black down the middle and Apple Pucker is a Pro-only rock-roll to the right. With a handful of line options to choose from along the way, they all join up with Hobo Juice before another road crossing.

After a few seconds on the pavement, jump into the last section of tech challenge with Hobo Juice rolling rider's left and Cowboy Coffee offering an adventure in double-black tech jank to the right. The trails exit on the road with a breezy coast back to the lodge and lift area.

Throughout the summer, the high-speed Morningstar Express Quad runs every day from 11-7 with the Deerpoint Express lift operating on Saturday and Sunday, too.

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Credit: Logan Brown / Vital MTB

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