SMASHTACULAR! Vital RAW Fort William Day 1 9

High speeds, tons of rocks and plenty of wild times as the Fort William World Cup Downhill kicks off! Forget the wheel size debate and enjoy the shredding!

Credit: John Lawlor
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  • Alex1

    6/3/2017 12:53 AM

    Different line choices for Greg and Sam at 1:07 - 1:10. Also, at 3:45, Commencal rider Pierron Amaury decided to skip the double and avoid unnecessary risk

  • gzah

    6/2/2017 3:59 PM

    4:00 brown pants

  • Alex1

    6/3/2017 12:54 AM

    yep, definitely

  • frdh

    6/2/2017 1:24 PM

    gad damn these bikes are getting quiet!

  • wally 333

    6/2/2017 1:11 PM

    Sam looking under the rader

  • Gnarnia420

    6/2/2017 1:07 PM

    These Oregon Trail pioneers looking like theyre moving 2 miles an hour.... 29ers suck. #tweeners4lyfe

  • Adam_Schaeffer

    6/2/2017 1:06 PM

    Loic doesn't care about his wheel size because he doesn't need to. That Ohlins kit looks like it's working on a different level than the Fox stuff. His bike is noticeably more calm and stable, but still super responsive when he needs it. I guess I see that as a bigger advantage than wheel size.

  • OCsponger587

    6/2/2017 1:24 PM

    isnt smooth bad tho cuz 29ers make it to smooth?

  • Adam_Schaeffer

    6/2/2017 1:42 PM

    I assume you're being sarcastic, but there's a difference. The bigger wheels smooth out the ripples and stutter bumps, but better suspension maintains geometry through the big breakers, allowing the rider to stay centered. This allows them to apply consistent pressure to both wheels which has the potential to generate drive and momentum from the bigger holes. Inferior suspension setup leads to shifts in body weight that upset the geometry, which puts the rider in a defensive position. A combination of great suspension and bigger wheels could ultimately be the fastest, but until they can get the tuning sorted on the 29 I imagine the dialed 27 is a safer bet for a race of this caliber. He needs points, and risking a race run on an unproven bike is a chance they're probably not willing to take. Give him more time to dial in the setup, he's young and brash but I'm guessing he'll change his tune.

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