Headliners: 1998 UCI World Cup, Snoqualmie Pass 12

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The year was 1998, the downhill bikes were coming into their own and downhill racers were fearless. Taylor Congdon, maker of Headliners has allowed us to post sections of his Headliners videos, so let's start with the infamous, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington World Cup.

A look into the archives shows that Steve Peat won the downhill race by 2.9 seconds over Nicolas Vouilloz and Anne-Caroline Chausson DOMINATED the women by almost 28 seconds. Wow! Katrina Miller and Brian Lopes won the Dual race that weekend.

You'll see some interesting bikes in there like Cannondale's Fulcrum, Bianchi and Trek prototype DH frames, Storm H2s, GT Lobos and Rotecs. The rider list is just as interesting with shredders like Sharples, Shaums, Ronning, Myles and more. Enjoy this trip back in time before internet discussions about head angles and tire compounds.

Credit: with permission from Taylor Congdon

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