2010 Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle Qualifiers 8

The sun came out the freestylers brought their A game for Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle qualifiers. Cam Zink pulled out all the stops to earn the highest score of the day followed by Darren Berrecloth and then Greg Watts. Finals are tomorrow and hopefully the rain holds off.

The qualifying results published by the Crankworx Colorado event lists only those who must run in the semi-finals tomorrow. People like Zink, Watts, McCaul etc are automatically into the finals because of previous results...FYI.

Here are the 20 riders who we *think* you can expect to see in the semi-finals:

Brandon Semenuk
Greg Watts
Paul Basagiota
Tyler McCaul
Sam Dueck
Cam Zink
Sam Pilgrim
Martin Soderstrom
Graneri Yannick
Cam McCaul

The remaining 10 spots as determined by yesterday's qualifiers:
Darren Berrecloth
Mitch Chubey
Amir Kabbani
Geoff Gulevich
Andrew Taylor
Brett Rheeder
Graham Agassiz
Jack Fogelquist
Colin Westeinde

Credit: gordo n smiff
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  • Rob

    8/3/2010 10:11 AM

    holy shit a cliffhanger from graham agassiz
    thats amazing

  • sspomer

    7/31/2010 5:18 AM

    take it easy on the consipracy theory, crazy bacon. no disrespect meant. martin killed it...as always. the riders did 2 real runs and maybe 2 or 3 practice runs yesterday and the footage we got of martin didn't turn out, so it didn't make the video. there were plenty of riders doing cool stuff that didn't make the video. i expect martin to really open it up today too.

  • bturman

    7/31/2010 5:17 AM

    Fyi, here's the format for the remainder of the comp:

    Total field size of the semi-finals is 20 – here's how it breaks down.

    10 riders will be pre-qualified. These riders will include the Top 6 finishers from the 2009 Crankworx Colorado slopestyle event plus the top 4 from Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour ranking as of Monday, July 26, 2010. Note: If there is any overlap, between 2009 results and FMB World Tour rankings, additional athletes will be selected from the World Tour ranking.

    In addition to the pre-qualified athletes, the Top 10 athletes from the qualification round will advance to the semi-finals.

    Semi-final Format: The riders best score of 2 runs will be used to determine who moves onto the Super Finals. The Super Finals will include the Top 6 from the Semi-Finals. In the Super Finals, the Top 6 will keep their best score from the Semi-Finals and attempt to better it in 1 final run. So in essence, the Top 6 places will be determined by those riders best run of 3. In the super-finals riders will go in reverse order from the Semi-Final score.

  • CrazyBacon

    7/31/2010 4:06 AM

    Im quiet disapointed with thees clips, you hurl around many clips on all the qualifiers but not the debut rider Söderström. Why is that? Quiet disrespect?

    Any how it was an awesome flick beside the stated fact.

  • Roots_rider

    7/30/2010 10:04 PM

    Gregs Double Truck is crazy. Bummer that Aggy didn't get in.
    Yep Noah Semenuk is in, pre qualified for winning last year.

    Dammit. Hope Gully makes it in, needs to shave his damn face.

  • NoahColorado

    7/30/2010 9:22 PM

    Sick! Pilgrim and Soderstrom were dialed today. So is Semenuk in or what? Props to Simcik for going big!

  • KonaRider719

    7/30/2010 9:08 PM

    It's good to see Zink back to form.

  • PhilDirt

    7/30/2010 8:36 PM

    Cliffhanger? Unreal.... Watts bar spin spin bar 3? WTF?!

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