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Dualco Grease Gun With Short Nozzle

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Dualco Grease Gun (short nozzle)

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The Good:

Works great, rebuildable, plenty of attachments, made in the USA

The Bad:

Can be slightly difficult and messy to load with grease.

Overall Review:

When it comes to grease guns, no one make them better than Dualco. They are made inside the USA and are one of the few full metal grease guns that are completely rebuildable. I picked mine up over 3 years ago and have used it almost daily as a home mechanic. Here are my impressions:


Out of the Box:

The quality of Dualco grease gun is top notch, you’ll notice this the second you get it in your hand. Everything is made of high quality metal and is built to last. The push button is very large and the simple, yet ergonomic design offers excellent grip and control, even in the most slippery of situations. Suppose a part get damaged, this grease gun is one of the few fully metal guns that can be completely rebuilt which is a very nice touch if you want something that will last forever.


Dualco makes an almost endless amount of attachments for this gun. Mine came standard with a short nozzle but you can purchase pretty much any attachment you would need (including ones for open grease port bearings found on Santa Cruz and Intense frames) from the Dualco website.


Loading the grease gun can be a bit messy but once it is loaded, it lasts forever. Sometimes the pump can stop working due to an air bubble next to the top of the gun. Simply insert a 5mm hex wrench into the bottom of the handle and press firmly upwards. This will get rid of the air bubble, easy peezy lemon squeeze.

The Dualco grease gun will work for pretty much any grease (except maybe not liquid grease). I am currently using Dumonde Tech Mr. Grease which is a very thick and the gun has no problem pumping it out.

Only complaint:

As mentioned above, the grease gun can be very messy and somewhat difficult to load. After searching for some tricks or techniques to make it less messy, I stumbled across a video that RJ the Bike Guy put together that shows the best technique that I know of on how to fill the can full of grease:


Bottom Line:

Grease is a bike’s best friend. Being able to apply grease is a clean and consistent manner is key for quick and effective bike repair and maintenance. The Dualco grease gun does an amazing job at simplifying this process. With tons of attachment, you have the ability to apply grease anywhere you’d need while working on your bike. Made in the USA, completely rebuildable, and on sale for about $16.99, you really can’t go wrong with the dualco grease gun. The only thing that would make this even better was if there was an easier, cleaner way to repack it full of grease. 4.5 stars!


Product Dualco Grease Gun With Short Nozzle
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous Dualco grease gun with short nozzle, fill with any grease for quicker overhauls
Price $18.95
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