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Park Tool Rotor Truing Fork

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Bent Rotors Suck

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The Good:

Dual sided for different types of bends, fits multiple rotor thickness, Gets rid of stupid pinging noises from rubbing rotors.

The Bad:

Allows for too much leverage at times

Overall Review:

If you are a mountain biker you have probably dealt with a bent rotor at some point, it is almost inevitable. Whether its from a crash, setting the bike down on the rotor, or transport, a bent rotor is not only annoying, it can affect your overall riding experience. Some people can deal with a small blip in the rotor that makes that ping ping ping sound when you ride, but I am not that person. While a small blip may not really affect your bike too much or really slow you down, I hate hearing that sound and knowing my rotor is out of true. A bigger bend however can definitely cause issues with slowing your wheel down and unevenly wearing out your brake pads.

This is where the truing tool comes in handy, its sole purpose is to get those bent rotors back into true (or if you are a newb make your rotors way worse). I'm sure we are all guilty at one point or another of using our hands to bend a rotor back, or using a crescent wrench to try to get the rotor back on track, but these are obviously the less ideal ways to fix a bent rotor. The park tool has two slots, one that allows for more leverage and fixing greater bends and one that allows for smaller tweaks to the rotor. The shape of the tool is well designed and the shape allows you to get the tool closer to the caliper for faster truing and more accuracy. I will say the tool does take some getting used to, the design allows you to bend the rotor too far pretty easily, so if you are not careful you can easily make your rotor worse than it was before. After a bit of practice this tool can ease a bit of the frustration from a bent rotor, although sometimes even with the right tools getting rid of brake rub can be a pain. This tool definitely does not fix the bent rotor for you, but does make the task less cumbersome. I would recommend this tool to any rider that has rotors go out of true on a fairly consistent basis, or those that simply want their bikes to be silent and well maintained, most rotors from the factory are even a bit bent. The price is low (by Park Tool standards) and a tool that you didn't know you needed until you have it.


Product Park Tool Rotor Truing Fork
Tool Type For the Garage
Miscellaneous The DT-2 Rotor Truing Fork is specially designed, and precisely manufactured to gently adjust bent or damaged brake rotors. Each DT-2 features two different slot depths laser cut from high quality steel with a hand that is vinyl dipped for comfort.
Price $17.06
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