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RockShox Seal Installation Tool

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Handsome chunk of plastic that does one job right.

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The Good:

Precision design and easy to grasp.

The Bad:

Cost is higher than a PVC pipe.

Overall Review:


The first time I replaced seals on a fork I used a screwdriver to pry them out and a block of wood to pound the new ones back in. It was a brutal scene, but deemed successful after cleaning up the splinters with only minor paint damage to the top of the castings. I didn't have a socket in the toolbox that was the right size like many suggested. The second time I used a PVC pipe that I picked up from the building supply store. Less carnage than the block of wood, but still not a precise feeling. The pipe is lightweight and prone to deflection as you try tapping on the end. Cutting it a little shorter helps it to work better, but still not great.

Enter the RockShox Oil Seal Tool! This handsome chunk of plastic is robust and precise. The dimensions are matched perfectly to standard sizes and the selection includes choices for 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, and 40mm stanchions. It is constructed of solid plastic so it has weight. The extra heft leads to more confidence and less futzing around. Insert the seal in the end of the tool, align it with the opening, and give it a few gentle taps to seat it. Use the end of the tool that drives the force down on the outer edge of the seal as shown in the photo below.

You will pay less than $20 for this tool - or one like it from another manufacturer. Considering the value of a quality fork these days and I would say this is an extremely good investment. Buy one the next time you get new seals and share it with your riding buddies.



Product RockShox Seal Installation Tool
Tool Type For the Garage
Features Safely install new dust/oil seals on your RockShox fork's lower legs with this tool.
Made of non-marring polymers.
Millimeter size of tools corresponds with the fork's stanchion diameter.
Miscellaneous Work on RockShox Boxxer, Pike, Reba, Argyle, Tora, Recon, and Revelation forks.
  • $20
  • $24
  • $26
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