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Park Tool Park CT-5 Mini Chain Brute

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Spectacular chain tool for home or travel

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

High quality tool that may outlive you!

The Bad:

Minor note: It isn't blue like other Park Tools (but that would just add weight).

Overall Review:


The Park Tool CT-5 compact chain tool is one of the older residents in my mountain bike tool set. Since meeting, we've been to Canada, Alaska and traveled all over the western USA together. I picked up this basic tool when I was buying a brand new bike. That bike was sporting a gold Judy XC fork up front for an idea of how long ago it was. As I was finalizing the major acquisition at my LBS, we assembled a set of premium minimalist tools that were lightweight enough to bring on rides. Most of that original set is shown in the photo above (although the levers are much newer). Add a patch kit and chain pin and you have quick solutions to many trailside repairs.

The chain tool was a centerpiece back in the day when pins were common and power links were not. I carried this chain tool in packs and seatbags on hundreds of epic rides and used it to save myself and dozens of other unchained souls out on the trail. Eventually, I bought a new multitool with an integrated chain tool. At that point in time, power links were becoming much more popular and chain pin repairs at trailside became far less frequent. The CT-5 was retired to the tool box and perhaps forgotten to an eternity of darkness in the lower compartments with crank extractors and lock ring wrenches. Or so I thought.

I quickly realized that this tool was better performing than the heavier chain tool I already had higher up in my tool box. An unofficial ceremony was held as space was made available in the top drawer (may the other chain tool rest in peace). A second life became reality for the CT-5! The open design without excessive boxed corners, makes it far easier to see what you are doing when aligning pins or loosening a tight link. The most common use for this tool today is to quickly shorten a new chain during install. And although we may not get out on the trail together like the old days, it is still working strong after decades of service. You only get that kind of loyalty from a quality tool. Five stars!

Excellent tool for trailside or home mechanic

The Good:

It works well, forever.....

The Bad:

Nothing - for its intended application

Overall Review:

I've had this chain tool for over a decade. I've used it to break and install more chains than I can remember. It just simply works. The design is small, light, and sleek enough to fit in your pack without notice. Yet, when you need it to work for a trailside fix it does the job admirably. In fact, I've never bought a larger chain tool for home use because there's never been a need to get anything else. I suppose if I was a shop mechanic I'd want something larger, but for my purposes it's been perfect. I can't think of another specialty tool that has been more reliable. I've had many bikes, components, moves from state to state, jobs, ex's, but the one thing that's remained constant in my life is the Park CT-5 Chain Brute. I think I might gift it to my first born.


Product Park Tool Park CT-5 Mini Chain Brute
Tool Type On Trail
Miscellaneous This small chain tool goes anywhere and actually performs like a shop quality tool. The fine thread, special V-shaped handle, and super strong replaceable pin make chain removal and installation a breeze. The CT-5 works on any derailleur chain (including Hyperglide) and has a shelf for loosening tight links. At only 77 grams, it's the perfect take-along chain tool. How to use this product, or related technical information: Chain Sizing also see Removing and Installing Chain
Price $15.26
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