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X-Fusion H3C Rear Shock

Vital Rating: (Excellent)
X-Fusion H3C Coil Shock
 X-Fusion H3C Rear Shock  X-Fusion H3C Rear Shock  X-Fusion H3C Rear Shock
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X-Fusion's Lightweight H3C Coil Shock Reviewed

At 25% lighter than X-Fusion's downhill-worthy Vector coil shock, this fully-adjustable coil is designed specifically for all-mountain and enduro bikes.

Rating: Vital Review

The new H3C has been slimmed down everywhere possible. It also uses a lighter spring material which brings it closer to the weight of high-volume air shocks. With the weight in check, it comes down to cost and performance. Listen for a straight-shooter's perspective after three months of ride time. Could this shock make sense for your ride?

H3C Coil Shock Highlights

  • Built for all-mountain and enduro
  • Metric and trunnion mount
  • Sizes: 185×55/50mm, 205×65/60mm, 210×55/50mm and 230×65/60mm overall length x stroke
  • Platform adjustment (3 clicks)
  • Low-speed compression adjustment (16 clicks)
  • Rebound adjustment (12 clicks)
  • Aluminum damper shaft
  • Piggyback reservoir with IFP
  • Polymer hardware
  • Lightweight proprietary metallurgy springs (50 lb/in increments)
  • Claimed Weight: 318g (185x55mm without spring) // 700g (185x55mm with 350 lb/in spring)
  • Verified Weight: 720g (210x55mm with 500 lb/in spring and 30g hardware)
  • MSRP: $399 USD

Q&A With X-Fusion

This shock was originally priced at $599. How did you bring the cost down?

Our new H3C will retail for $399. The initial price was given during the early prototype stages, so we wanted to be careful to not underestimate the pricing without having a clear answer of the production costs. Now that we have the shock dialed in and a clear outlook on productions costs we are proud to offer a high quality rear shock for a very affordable price.

In what ways does a coil shock made specifically for all-mountain/enduro differ from a standard coil?

The engineers designed the H3C to be a compact and lightweight coil offering. This will gives the option of running a coil shock without having to make a huge compromise on weight and functionality.

How were you able to reduce the weight of the spring?

The engineers were able to source a special high-stress wire to significantly reduce the weight from a standard coil spring.

Who go Metric only?

With the majority of the bike industry transitioning away from standard mount we decided to offer the H3C in both Metric and Trunnion mount.

How does the three-position platform adjust work internally?

The platform adjust changes the flow rates internally from soft, medium and firm.

What knowledge gained through the Motion Instruments DAQ testing was used in the production model?

The data we acquired through Motion Instruments DAQ testing helped our engineers establish a clear base for valving on the H3C.

What spring weight range can the standard valving accommodate?

We have three different damping tunes to support our main 300, 400 and 550 lb/in springs.

On the tech side, what are you most excited about with the H3C?

We are most excited to be able to offer a small size damper that can can be finely adjusted while controlling a very high damping force.

What is the suggested service interval?

We recommend service every 100 hours or 1 year, whichever comes first.

"X-Fusion is focused on a simple concept: build high quality, all-metal suspension systems that provide a higher level of performance and durability."

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Vital MTB Rating: 4 Stars - Excellent

About The Reviewer

Zach Petersen - Age: 23 // Years Riding: 10 // Height: 5'9" (1.75m) // Weight: 145-pounds (65.8kg)

Zach cut his teeth figuring out how to ride on the unforgiving mining trails of Northern California. After watching Earthed 5, he decided to try out enduro racing and continues to seek out the most gravity-oriented events. When not racing he's smashing out big backcountry days in the Sierra Nevada, pushing dirt around the forest with a McLeod, and keeping the stoke high.

Video by Trail Peek


Product X-Fusion H3C Rear Shock
Riding Type Enduro / All-Mountain
Spring Type Coil
External Adjustments Rebound, 3-position platform, low-speed compression
Available Sizes Metric and trunnion mount options
Weight 1 lb 8.7 oz (700 g)
Miscellaneous Lightweight proprietary metallurgy spring
Weight listed is with spring
2019 model year release
Price $399
More Info

X-Fusion website

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