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SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
 SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes  SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes  SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes
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Good Brakes

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

I really like the modulation of Sram brakes these are a great example lots of lever feel. This means it's really easy to keep the wheels from locking up. They're pretty powerful and they'll stop you when you want. If you're a heavier rider I'd recommend going for something burlier though. The contact point adjust is nice to have because you can always make your brakes feel the same, it's not a necessity but I got it because I work in a shop.

On the trail they performed awesome, the extra modulation makes it easier to brake late into corners and the power makes them easy to trust.

Bleeding them is also really easy thanks to the bleeding edge tool.

The Bad:

In my experience they had some fade in hotter conditions. Anything over 90 degrees and after a moderate descent I could feel some fade. They are slightly noisy but I don't mind.

Overall Review:

Really good brakes overall especially if you are looking for something with good control and you like having a lot of adjustment.

Guide RSC, Really Standard Chompers

The Good:

Slim reservoir design, pad contact and lever reach adjust, easy to bleed, decent weight, and good modulation when working properly

The Bad:

Average braking performance at best, inconsistent lever feel, and noisy when wet

Overall Review:

These came stock on my latest bike. Initial set up and maintenance is pretty easy. I like how easy it is to trim the lines and bleed the calipers and levers. The contact pad adjuster is a good feature; however, it sometimes gets stuck. Modulation seams on par with Hope brakes and better than Shimano brakes. That being said, overall braking performance is average at best. They're not very powerful brakes and sometimes the lever can get a little soft. They are also very noisy when wet. Overall, they're a decent brake, but really lack the power and consistency for aggressive braking needs.

Good but not best

The Good:

Available in 2 colors, Pad contact adjust and tool free lever reach

The Bad:

Not consistent, squaky

Overall Review:

Sram Guide RSC

Initial Impressions

              These are the brakes that came on my YT Tues. I decided to give them a go instead of instantly replacing them with another manufactures’ set of brakes. They have a nice look to them and seem to have a solid build. They offer a pad contact adjustment as well as a lever adjuster. I broke them in properly in a parking lot to give the pads a good opportunity to bed in with the rotors correctly before the tires met dirt.


On the Trail

              On the trail, I found them to have good modulation with a lot of power. The lever reach worked just fine, but the pad contact adjuster is a little off. It can be hard to turn and does not seem to work real well in my experiences at least compared to some others out there. I also noted some inconsistent brake feel with the stock bleed.


The Bottom Line

              Overall they work well for a stock option, but they are not what I really look for in a brake system. You could say I have grown accustom to a certain feel over time. If you do not have a constant lever feel, they may need bled, not entirely uncommon with new brakes, but worth noting for sure.



Product SRAM Guide RSC Disc Brakes
Riding Type Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Lever Material Aluminum
Mount Style Ambidextrous, post mount
Rotor Sizes 140mm (rear), 160mm, 170mm, 180mm, 200mm
Rotor Mounting Centerline
Fluid Type DOT 5.1
Colors Polished Silver Ano
Black Ano
Weight 0 lb 13.4 oz (381 g)
Miscellaneous 4-piston, dual diameter caliper
MatchMaker™ X compatible
Tool-free reach adjust
Contact point adjust
Banjo adjust
PURE™ Bladder
Timing Port Closure
Lever Pivot Bearings
Bleeding Edge™
Heat Shield
Price $205
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