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Magura MT5 Disc Brakes

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 Magura MT5 Disc Brakes  Magura MT5 Disc Brakes
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Magura MT5

The Good:

- Reliability
- Price
- Power

The Bad:

- Plastic feel of lever

Overall Review:

Great brake for the Price! Got these mid summer last season when the Guide brakes that came on my bike encountered a warranty issue. Not wanting to miss out on riding bought these based on recommendations from my local shop. I have ridden these ever since and have had zero issues.

How's Your Tibia Holding Up?

The Good:

Strong, consistent power with good modulation

The Bad:

They are plastic and Terrifying! Maybe Magura wanted me dead?

Overall Review:

Working at the LBS and dealing with the SRAM Brake warranties that seemed never ending at the time, so I decided to try the MT5 brakes after hearing about there big stopping power, "leak free garand its cool blue brake sauce. I haven't owned any Magura brakes since my Pro-flex Beast with Hydro HS11 rim brakes but I have seen enough of them roll through the shop that they peaked my curiosity again. My initial set of MT5 brakes were pretty rad... That lasted only for about 4 weeks until I was racing the local BME Trestle event when my front brake blew the MC in stage 3. I finished the stages with rear only and called Magura USA the next day. After the hill billy at Magura argued with me about why my brake was spewing mineral oil out of every orifice on the lever, they finally sent me 2 replacement levers (MC) so both brakes would be new. I bled the new MCs and installed new pads/rotors then did a solid bounce test to check for air and lever fade, nothing they were solid! (I've been a mechanic for a long time, this is no sweat.) The next morning everything seemed okay until i arrived at Trestle, I got to the top of the lift where they felt minutely spongy, no worries right? Wrong! I decided to do a warm up on Rain Maker and after the 2nd jump my levers were too the bar and would not pump up, there was nothing at all! I was able hone in my brake less BMX skills to make it through most of the trail until my limit of cornering ability was reached (I turn left like nascar and right like a newb). The next thing I knew I'm flying through the air like Ricky Bobby and suddenly my leg was broken and my summer was over. Yes I know it was my choice to ride the trail brake less, but even the worst Avid DB5 with a split line would've offered more than the Magura MT5. I put those brakes in the dumpster and the dudes at SRAM hooked me up with a pair of the new Code RSC! The SRAM Code RSC has incredible power and i have yet to notice heat fade even under my fat ass.

Long story short, Magura has shitty customer service and they want to break you legs like you owe the mafia money. 



Product Magura MT5 Disc Brakes
Riding Type Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Lever Material Aluminum
Mount Style Post mount / IS
Rotor Sizes 160mm, 180mm, 203mm (Storm HC recommended)
Rotor Mounting 6-bolt
Fluid Type Royal Blood Mineral Oil
Colors Black
Weight 0 lb 9 oz (255 g)
Miscellaneous Carbotecture brake bracket
4-piston caliper with Banjo
2-finger brake levers
Remote Mix compatible
Shift Mix
5-year leak proof warranty for all Magura brake calipers and brake pistons if they were used with Magura Original Spare Parts
Price $139.49
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