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Revolution Pro Grips

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 Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips  Revolution Pro Grips
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A New Kid on the Block

A New Kid on the Block
The Good:

Multiple thicknesses to choose from, 2 patterns, Choice of clamp colors on Pro Series, Easier on the hands

The Bad:

A bit narrow

Overall Review:


Revolution Suspension Race Series Features/Contents

· Suspension Grip Design

· Grip Sleeves (small)

· Black Anodized Aluminum Clamps

· Shock Absorbing Inserts

· Aluminum Bar End Assemblies

· Race $59 (tested), or Pro Series $89


Initial Impressions

              I decided to get these grips for the nerve pain I will occasionally get on longer rides or days at the bike park . It was nice that they came out with a less expensive option, the Race Series. I came off of a single clamp style grip, and these have a little less hand room in comparison which could present and issue with riders that have wide hands. I like to believe the double clamp style keeps my little finger away from the trees! The Race series comes with plain black clamps without the machined cut outs. I went ahead and ordered some blue and red clamps to give them a little flair. The Pro series comes with some tuning washers to stiffen up the rotational play. If you order the Race series, you can always get the tuning washers if you find you want them stiffer.


On the Trail

              I did feel like the grips made my handlebar feel a little bit narrower than my previous grips due to what I mentioned above. This was not a bad thing as I was getting wider bars anyway. As far as feel goes, they feel great with or without gloves. I went with the thinnest design which would be just a little larger in diameter than Odi Ruffians. The rubber has a good feel and is sticky. The rotational play they have is minimal and I do not notice it while riding. The only time I do is on climbs when I am bored and I play around with them, 'twisting the throttle' as I go up the hill.


Long Term Durability

              I have only about 6 rides on the grips so far, but at this point they are not showing signs of premature wear. They can be rotated at any point to help increase their lifespan as a portion wears out since they have the same pattern all the way around.


Things That Could Be Improved

               One thing I could think of is making the grip area a bit wider. This was not an issue for me, but for a rider with larger (wider) hands, this could be an issue. I would have added different grip patterns for different people here, but hey just added a half waffle design to their lineup.


The Bottom Line

              I have not had any of the same pain as I have experienced in the past so far. I would like to get some days in at a bike park to confirm this though. At this point I would recommend these to anyone. Price is not too bad and replacement grips come in at a good rate. I added the machined blue and red clamps when I found them on sale for a little bling and for a splash of color.



Product Revolution Pro Grips
Riding Type Cross Country, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail, Other
Length Small (31mm), Medium (32.5mm), Large (34mm)
Material Shock Absorbing Grip System
Colors Grip: Black, Titanium Grey, Neon Orange, Neon Green
Clamp: Grey, Bright Green, Black, Red, Blue
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous The Pro Series Shock Absorbing Grip System with fully adjustable feel from ultra firm to ultra soft.
Grip system complete with a tuning kit, assembly tools, lightened clamps, and your choice of colored grips and clamps.
Some assembly required.

Included in the box:
- (2) Grip Sleeves
- (4) Ultra Light Aluminum Clamps
- (20) Shock Absorbing Inserts
- (8) Tuning Washers
- (2) Aluminum Bar End Assemblies
- (5) Clamp Screws
- (1) 2.5mm Hex Wrench
- (1) 3mm Hex Wrench
Price $89.95
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