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Chromag Squarewave Grip

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Chromag Squarewave (black)
 Chromag Squarewave Grip  Chromag Squarewave Grip
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Chromag Squarewave Grip

Performance, quality, and durable.

Rating: Featured Member Review
Chromag Squarewave Grip
The Good:

Solid lock-ons, Excellent dampening, Durable, and Unique ergonomic shape

The Bad:

Outside squares started coming off after a year of riding (pretty much expected though).

Overall Review:

In regard to bike performance, there are a few components that have a huge impact on how one’s bike handles. For instance, suspension has an enormous role on if you’re straying on the trail or if you’re getting bucked off the bike. Riding at your highest potential is greatly determined by components like suspension. On the other hand, there are minor, less significant components that influence our confidence while riding that are often overlooked. Grips are one of these components.

Understanding that grips are the things that literally connect a rider to their bike, I wanted to find a set that would make me feel the most comfortable while riding. Lock-ons, dampening, durability, and ergonomics were on top of my list. After comparing quite a few of them, I decided to try out the Chromag Squarewave grips (Spoiler alert: which I loved so much I ended up getting a second set!) After a solid year of riding time on my first set, here are my impressions:

Out of the Box:

Pulling the Chromag Squarewaves out of packaging, they appeared to have all the elements of a high quality grip. Smooth designs with solid lock-on clamps, I was quite pleased with the design. One thing I didn’t really notice before picking them up was how the lock-on on the end of the grip wraps around the end of the bar. Having a childhood friend impale themselves with their bars made me really appreciate such detail.


The Chromag Squarewaves measured out at 142mm in overall length (with about 122mm of actual grip length) and offers a very unique profile that tapers on both ends. The weight of the grips came in at 102 g which is quite average for lock on grips.


Performance and Durability:

Having ridden flat (non-ergonimic) grips up to the point of running the Chromag Squarewaves, I finally realized what I was missing. The shape of the Squarewaves make it a very, very comfy grip. Smaller blocks on the outside, larger blocks in the middle, and then even smaller blocks on the inside, these grips provide a sense of grip not found on other grips. I found the larger blocks in the middle offered excellent dampening for even the roughest of trails. The inside and outside offered excellent grip even while riding in the wet.

As for durability, I was quite impressed with how the Squarewaves held up. After a solid year of riding, I can begin to see some of the smaller squares in the outside of the grip beginning to wear which I would consider to be expected. The rest of the grips are fully intact which I’m was quite stoked on.

As for the lock on clamps, I never experienced any issues with bolts stripping or the grips going moto on me at all. I’ve experienced this with previous lock on grips but I’m happy to say the lock-ons on the Squarewaves do their job with ease.

Bottom Line:

I’ve been stoked on the Chromag Squarewave grips. They offer excellent grip and dampening, the ergonomic shape feels very natural, and they held up very well. If you are the type of rider that wants exceptional performance out of their grips without having to replace them 2 times a season, the Chromag Squarewaves are for you. I’ve been quite pleased with mine and I feel you will feel the same.

Great for dry conditions

The Good:

comfortable, good for smaller hands, wear slow

The Bad:

Don't clear mud very well

Overall Review:

I've had been using these on BZA for a full season before trying something else.

Quick description of my hand anatomy: I have big palms and short fingers. My hands fit them very well and are comfortable on long days with and without gloves. One of the highlights is that they don't stretch the palms of my gloves. My hands are oddly shaped but my mitts still wrap around these well. I used them for a pretty full season and they looked fairly good at the end of the year too. My only knock is that they don't clear mud well. They gets slick once saturated.


Product Chromag Squarewave Grip
Riding Type Cross Country, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle, Downhill, Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park, Trail
Length 142mm length x 31mm diameter
Material Special formulated rubber compound that combines a soft 25a durometer and a proprietary additive for a combination of tackiness and durability
Colors Black with black ends, Brown with gold ends
Weight 0 lb 3.7 oz (106 g)
Miscellaneous Designed for performance and comfort, the gentle bulge fits nicely in the cup of the hand to promote long ride comfort. The progressive tread is finest/softest where it meets the outer edges of the hand and coarsest under the meat of the palm for a balance of compliance and control over longer rides.

Chromag grips feature our unique ‘Split-Teardrop’ end clamp which effectively covers the bar end while still utilizing a true pinch-clamp for the best purchase to the bar.
Price $31
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