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Banshee Rune V2 - 2016 Frame (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
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 Banshee Rune V2 - 2016 Frame  Banshee Rune V2 - 2016 Frame  Banshee Rune V2 - 2016 Frame
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Hard to believe?

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

The Rune V2 is an amazing descender, climber and is makes you way more handsome that most can handle.

The Bad:

It doesn't do my laundry or make me a post-ride cocktail, but I will be able to cope.

Overall Review:

I have been a mountain bike rider for over 27 years. I am bigger guy clocking in at just under 200 lbs and I ride aggressively. I made the leap to 27.5" wheels with the Rune V2. I have been a Santa Cruz fan since '99 having owned five of them. I test rode a fully decked out Bronson and a number of other 27.5" wheeled bikes last fall. I was all set to buy a Heckler (the Brony did not really do it for me),  but several of my friends had Banshees and would not stop raving about them. I pedaled theirs around and was duly impressed with the feel. After doing some research I found that the new Rune was a better fit for me in terms of geometry and value being not much more in price than the Heckler as I would be building mine from the frame up. I knew the updated Nomad would be arriving soon, but I did not wish to wait nor did I want to pay over $3K for it when the Rune had virtually the same geometry (in the low setting, does anyone use any of the other settings???).  I was a little misty to depart from my love affair with SC, but Banshee had the same qualities that made me really dig Santa Cruz way back (small company, progressive thinking/design, not trying to be everything to everyone, big value for the money and great customer service). Let's dance!!!

I have now been on my Rune in it's "Black Death" colorway for almost a month and every ride has blown away any preconceptions I had about what this bike could do. First, it climbs so well it's ridiculous. My friend and Banshee cohort said "It's almost sad how well these bikes climb" and I could not agree more.  You have no excuses not to pedal up everything. The traction and geometry allows it to motor up and over stuff that most bikes would spin out on. My first big mountain climb, I was floored at the Rune's ability to dig in up and over the slickest wet rocks and roots without any fuss. I kept waiting for when I would be forced to dismount, but it never came. I don't expect that you will win any KOM's, but you can keep most XC twerps in site until you you get to the summit.

When you get to the descent, "it's on" as the kids say. This bike gets up to speed faster than anything I have thrown a leg over. It mows over the sketchiest stuff without a peep and its manners in flight are impeccable. In fact, I find that I am having to push this bike further than I have (or have been comfortable doing) in what I thought was possible. I am going faster, jumping higher and taking corners faster than ever. Lately I have been leaning the bike harder and harder through turns purposely trying to get it to break traction and it's crazy how hard it is to do...the evil beast clamps on like pit bull on meth. Crazy man, crazy!!!

In closing, the Rune V2 smokes and I am looking forward to many more long nutty rides on it. If you are looking for an aluminum Nomad 3 at less than half the cost and none of the bs hype get the Rune V2. You will not regret it.

Sleeper Enduro Bike "Nomad Killer"

The Good:

Climbs much better than 160mm 30+ lb bike should. Bullet proof construction. Makes technical trails seem easy. Thinks it's a downhill bike on the decants. Adjustable BB and head angle. Eats SC Nomads for lunch.

The Bad:

There is not too much bad to say about this bike. I only have a few complaints. The frame is a little on the heavy side. The internal dropper post routing on a small frame is too high on the seat post. This causes the hose to kink as it has to make a slight S bend inside the seat tube. Finish quality should be a little better considering the cost of a frame.

Overall Review:

​The Banshee Rune really is a good as everyone states. It turns any trail into a fun trail.

My Rune is a small 2014 27.5 version. I built it up with a 160 Pike RCT fork, DBAIR shock, and a 10 speed XT 1X component group. The Rune really is a great do it all bike. I ride mine on long flatter XC rides, technical enduro rides, downhill, and in the bike park.

I highly recommend the Rune for anyone looking for a more-aggresive all mountain ride.

Great Enduro bike

The Good:

Great rear suspension; versatile and tunable geometry; simple and clean aesthetics

The Bad:

Not the lightest of 160mm frames.

Overall Review:

The 2014 Rune V2 came to replace a 2010 Specialized Enduro Comp, already a great 160mm bike. The Rune is far more efficient, resisting pedal bob without being as intrusive as other linkage designs. The suspension is also very sensitive to small bumps, ensuring great traction in technical climbs. It is very linear for the most of the travel, but ramps up nicely towards the end of the travel to resist bottom out. With 30% of sag it is rare to bottom out the rear shock.

I really like the simple and clean look, very industrial, with no visible gussets or overly hydroformed tubes, but still remaining very rigid.

Also, the stealth "black on black" color scheme is very cool...

Easily the best bike I've ridden in years.

The Good:

Spectacular downhill & in the air. Climbs better than many shorter travel bikes.

The Bad:

Really couldn't find anything.

Overall Review:

I rode one whilst helping some friends who were running a demo day.

Apart from the comments in the post/neg sections I'd say the other big plus is that the suspension setup doesn't impact the bearings when you hit a bump or land a jump. They aren't put under excess stress. With some bikes you only need to look at the frame to know bearing life will be poor. Also the Rune uses standard sized bearings so quality ones aren't expensive.

More detailed review here-

2013 Banshee Rune V2

The Good:

A very versatile trail hitting machine. Stiff, playful and can handle most anything that comes your way on trail. Very effiicient climber/pedaller that I often use for XC duties, even though it is more at home on rugged AM/FR kind of terrain

The Bad:

Exposed bearing races at pivots making them more susceptible to increased wear especially if riding in wetter/damper environements. Most of my bearings were seized after first season with minimal wet riding. Managed to crack rear end after 8-9 months of hard trail use.

Overall Review:

Great bike that is extremely verstaile. I currently use it as my "one bike" that frequents run of the mill XC/trail riding regularly with big elevation changes to more AM/FR stuff with lots of jumps, gaps, burms.  This bike can pretty much do it all.  A few qualms with bearing/pivot design due to more exposure to elements and did manage to break frame the first year, but overall very well pleased with this bike and has served me quite well over the past year.  I definitely feel I got my money's worth out of this frame and Banshee is an awesome company that will to go to great lengths to take care of the end user.  Nothing but praises for this AM bike that is head and shoulders better than earlier versions.


Product Banshee Rune V2 - 2016 Frame
Riding Type Trail
Rider Unisex
Sizes and Geometry
S, M, L, XL View Geometry
Size S M L XL
Top Tube Length
Head Tube Angle
Head Tube Length
Seat Tube Angle
Seat Tube Length
Bottom Bracket Height
Chainstay Length
Wheel Size 26"
Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Material Details Hydroformed 7005 AL Tubes
Rear Travel 160mm
Rear Shock
Head Tube Diameter 44mm | 56mm (1.125" Zero Stack Top, 1.5" Zero Stack Bottom)
Bottom Bracket
Rear Dropout / Hub Dimensions
Front Derailleur Size Uses SRAM S3 Low Direct Mount System
Seatpost Diameter
Max Tire Size 26" x 2.5"
Bottle Cage Mounts Yes
Colors Black, Raw, or Green
Warranty 2 Years (Original Owner)
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous Internal Dropper Routing
INA Bearing Pivots: Fully Sealed High Quality Bearings Throughout
Price N/A
More Info

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