There's a new Pivot in town, and it's sporting some classy looking 650B wheels. Get the details below, and keep an eye out for a few racers aboard the new steed during the Sea Otter Classic downhill race this weekend.

MEET THE NEW BOSS - Pivot Cycles Introduces Firebird 27.5

Whether you're sending it in Whistler, gunning for the overall in Downieville or pinning 30-minute descents on a 6-hour epic through the Rockies, the Firebird 27.5 has your back. By many accounts, the 26-inch version was the ultimate long-travel trail bike, revered for its unique combination of climbing traction, acceleration, and descending capabilities. That excellent pedigree made it the ideal starting point for a 27.5 chassis.

"The new Firebird 27.5-inch model takes everything that's great about the Firebird and makes it better. It's definitely a favorite around our office," offers Pivot president and CEO Chris Cocalis, "Within a line of very versatile bikes it stands out because it really is a quiver-of-one. It rewards and inspires confidence for an aggressive rider."

The original 26-inch Firebird was unique. The level of engineering sophistication, obsessive production tolerances and attention to detail rare qualities in the category. The 27.5 shares all of those attributes. For a brawler of a bike, there was (and still is) a ton going on both on the surface and under it, a quality defining all of Pivot's offerings.

The evolution to the 27.5-inch standard is a testament to Pivot's belief that boundaries exist to be pushed against, in this case re-engineering a very successful and award-winning platform to accommodate a wheel size that made more sense for its intended use.

To make the best even better, the headtube angle has been slackened, the low BB height maintained, and the amazing Fox Racing Shox 34 added, a 160mm travel 27.5-specific fork that complements already best-in-class handling.

The Firebird 27.5 continues the tradition of its predecessor. It's a showcase of cross-functional capability, providing riders with the confidence, capability and performance to excel across a wide range of demands. With the update to 27.5 wheels, the boundaries between disciplines become less defined; the frontiers pushed back to reveal new terrain, new speeds and record-breaking performance in enduro racing, park and gravity riding or the occasional DH race.

The spanking new Firebird 27.5. Now with more BRAAP. We can talk all day about how rad it is. But riding is believing.

The new Firebird 27.5 along with the rest of the Pivot Cycles line will be available for media and consumer demo at this weekend's Sea Otter Classic with bikes shipping in May. To view a schedule of upcoming demo stops or to locate a Pivot dealer, please visit

A quick look at the stats:

  • 6.6" (167mm) rear travel.
  • dw-link suspension design with rearward wheel travel path. Incredible square edge bump performance and unparalleled pedaling efficiency.
  • Pivot specific, custom valved Fox CTD or DHX Kashima coated shock technology featuring increased rider tunability and incredible small bump sensitivity.
  • Full 1.5 head tube with custom Pivot angled headset design optimizing the Firebird 27.5 as an ultimate Enduro machine.
  • ISCG O5 mounts included for single ring and chain guide compatibility.
  • Patented Pivot floating front derailleur mount. Keeps the chain in the sweet spot of the derailleur for better chain retention. Combined with our custom MRP LRP 2X chain guide, our floating front derailleur mount creates ¬†perfect shifting performance and worry-free chain retention even the roughest conditions.
  • 142mm rear spacing with 12mm through axle and 160mm post mount dropouts. Why? Maximum. Frame. Stiffness.

About Pivot Cycles

Pivot Cycles builds the best-performing, best-handling and most versatile mountain bikes available. Models include the Mach 4, Mach 429, Mach 5.7, Firebird 27.5, and LES as well as the Phoenix DH and M4X, both currently being raced to top World Cup, Pan American and National Championship finishes. The Pivot Cycles line is composed of bikes that allow their riders to establish new benchmarks of speed, control, fun and enjoyment. For more information, please visit


We've got rigs loaded with bikes traveling the country all year. Spring is front-loaded with California (including the Santa Cruz MTB Festival and the 23rd annual Sea Otter Classic!) but we roll into Colorado, the western U.S. and the east coast shortly after. Check out our demo page to see a full schedule.

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  • shutter2ride

    4/19/2013 8:34 PM

    Looks short & tallish. Not an option for a tall person. Glad I went with a Spitfire V2.

  • bikeluvnfoo

    4/19/2013 3:40 AM

    How could it be the same as the 26 frame? wouldnt that mean using larger wheel would raise that BB height?


    4/18/2013 7:24 PM

    "the low BB height maintained" - 14.1" is the opposite of low.

  • syngltrkmnd

    4/18/2013 8:38 PM

    Honest questions here: 1) what BB height do you want? 2) what BB height will be observed after the rider sags into 5.7" travel?


    4/18/2013 9:01 PM

    I honestly don't care what height Pivot wants to make it - I prefer lower bikes (my 160mm bike is 13.25", DH around the same, shorter travel bikes even lower) so obviously this isn't my ideal. I just thought the marketing copy was funny - since when has a BB height over 14" been considered low? Basically they slapped bigger wheels on an already tallish bike and claimed it remained low because they put an angleset in it.

    I like Pivot's bikes but the Firebird has always been the ugly stepchild of the family and making it taller isn't helping - this seems like a band-aid attempt to move a slow selling bike by putting the new hot thing on it.

  • syngltrkmnd

    4/18/2013 2:42 PM

    Looks good but isn't lack of an XL an oversight? We bigger riders could take advantage of the bigger chassis and wheels!

  • Perry_Hall

    4/18/2013 5:10 PM

    They aren't doing an XL because this is the Exact same frame as the 26 inch Firebird, and they discontinued the XL in that bike too. Confirmed on the phone with Pivot today, 100% same frame, just an angle set and 160 fork.

  • syngltrkmnd

    4/18/2013 8:37 PM

    That's too bad.

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