First Time Senders at Red Bull Rampage 2012

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Rampage day three status report: We're literally eating dust out here, and it tastes good. - Trumpore
Today was a day of many firsts. BIG firsts. - Turman
Chris Van Dine eyes up one of the largest lips on the mountain. Later in the day he sent it with ease. - Trumpore
Progression? You bet. - Trumpore
Claw's line is very, very impressive. All that time filming 'Where the Trail Ends' is paying off. - Smutok
Sam Pilgrim is a newbie to Rampage, and he isn't afraid to admit it. He's coming into his own though. Talk about a trial by fire. - Trumpore
Shout out to the builders. You're helping this event progress just as much as the riders. - Trumpore
Shandro gazes up at Semenuk's mid-run transfer. It's nothing short of amazing. - Turman
Sorge and Vanderham converge lines momentarily on this massive landing. It leads into an equally impressive jump. - Turman
Getting to the top can be almost as gnarly as coming back down. Almost. - Trumpore
James Doerfling is no stranger to big mountain riding, but Rampage is unique and challenging, even to him. - Turman
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Doerfling sending it! - Trumpore
Nico Vink is in the house and attracting a lot of attention. We can't imagine why... - Turman
Soderstrom peers over the edge, trying his best to memorize a line before dropping in. It's awesome to see some of these amazing riders out of their element. - Turman
Aggy's been out with a broken leg, but he's keeping busy in the pits. - Turman
Nothing like a cold one after helping your buds all day. - Turman
Andreu dropping in! - Turman
It's gettin' real in the Rampage parking lot, you know the deal with all the mountain bikes they got... - Turman
Logan Binggeli's 650B equipped KHS seems to be doing the trick just fine. - Trumpore
The Claw, keeping it raw. - Trumpore
While some riders have rather large crews to help out, others are making mods with fewer resources. It'll be interesting to see if the difference is obvious on the results sheet. - Trumpore
Classic Brendog style. - Trumpore
From another angle. Brendan's steeze is too good not to double up. - Turman
While the terrain is vastly new to him, Ramon Hunziker seems at home on the Utah steeps. - Turman
Guess who? This isn't his first time hiking around Rampage in sandals. - Turman
First time jitters? You bet. Rheeder is quickly making the best of it though. - Smutok
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Brendog take one. CLIFF! - Trumpore
Brendog take two. Nailed it. - Trumpore
Flying down the hill at Mach 10, it can be hard to see where your line is. Not anymore! - Turman
Mike Kinrade among the dust. Sometimes the first run doesn't go as planned, especially with how loose the soil is out here. - Turman
Of all contests to judge, this has to be one of the most difficult. Smutok explains how they'll make it happen while Greg Watts blazes a trail. - Trumpore
Cam Zink's line is incredible, and the judges will have a prime vantage point that looks something like this. "Oh boy," indeed. - Turman
That little blip on the radar is Zink. We might see him upside down the next time he sends this. - Smutok
Soderstrom down, but not out. This shoulder check surely hurt, but he was back at it not long after. - Turman
As the sun began to disappear, Cam McCaul sized up the canyon gap one last time. - Turman
"I'm still awake!" Heck yeah, McCaul! - Turman
McCaul nosed it in but knows what he needs to do next time - more throttle! Tune in tomorrow to see if he nailed it. That's a wrap from Rampage practice. - Turman
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As building projects wrap up, riders grab their bikes, trek to the top and drop into fresh lines at the gnarliest of all freeride contests, the Red Bull Rampage. - Photos by Brandon Turman, Dave Trumpore, and Dave Smutok

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