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YT Industries Unveils Flagship YT MILL Bentonville Experience Center 5

All of YT under one roof.

Monday 27th, 2024 – Bentonville – More than just a showroom, YT Industries’ latest development is the opening of its brand-new consumer experience center, the YT MILL Bentonville. Situated in the heart of downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, this cutting-edge facility offers visitors a next-level connection to the world of YT and a physical insight into the brand.

"Five years on from the success of the YT MILL San Clemente, we are very excited to open our new home in Bentonville. Improving the customer experience is a major goal for YT Industries – this new MILL is the next step of fueling passions and bringing Good Times to the local scene” – Markus Flossmann, CEO & Founder YT Industries


'Villin was the oppurtunity to showcase the local trails, and what Bentonville has to offer. YT Industries athletes from around the World joined to show the potential of the ever growing trail network and local community. 

"We couldn’t be happier to be opening the YT MILL Bentonville. With over 120 bikes available to demo for free, immersive product displays, expert service and tech support, and an open lounge with pre and post ride beverages and entertainment, we think the YT MILL will be a truly unique resource and asset for local riders and visitors from all over the world.” – Jeff Taylor, President YT Industries USA

The YT MILL Bentonville boasts a sprawling 9000 sq ft showroom where visitors can connect with the brand, explore immersive product displays, and demo the YT range free of charge throughout Bentonville’s extensive trail network. The MILL has a fully functioning workshop, e-bike battery rental program, rider’s lounge with complimentary beverages, and even an in-house tattoo studio for capturing the Good Times permanently. The space will also take on a community role by hosting group rides and events, expanding on the success of YT MILLs in San Clemente, CA, Surrey Hills, UK, and Hausen, Germany. With a strong brand identity and core following, YT Industries anticipates attracting more mountain bikers to Bentonville as it becomes a key player in the Northwest Arkansas mountain bike scene.

Location: The YT Mill, 306 S. Main St Bentonville, AR
Opening times:
Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 7pm,
Saturday: 9am – 7pm
Sunday: 9am – 5pm

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