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Tom Van Steenbergen Melts Minds in ‘Wild West 2’ 3

After his award-winning debut edit last year, Tom is back with more insane never before done tricks.


In 2020, Wild West was a statement piece from Tom, it visually represented his personality on and off the bike. Wild West 2 takes this one step further as Van Steenbergen brings a bag of never before done tricks to the center stage. Directed again by Calvin Huth, his unique editing style will you on the edge of your seat, feeling every beat of Tom’s riding as he pushes the sport to its limits once again. 

“It’s so rad to be able to do another Wild West video. Calvin and Dan absolutely killed it. Seeing how much everyone improved their skills over the last year is sick. I can proudly say that this is the most technical and best riding I’ve ever done for a video, which was a big challenge after coming back from a femur break. I’m so pumped to finally share this one.“ – Tom Van Steenbergen 

“Once again, it was an absolute blast to be on another big project with Tom. The days can get intense out there very quickly. Especially since Tom drops huge moves as if he’s ordering appetizers during happy hour! Even knowing he’s done the necessary work to prepare, it’s still so gnarly! The reward from helping build, film, and then getting to edit Tom progressing the sport and achieve his personal goals... It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. I am super grateful to work with such an amazing crew, I can’t wait for Tom to heal up and get back to doing what he loves! It’s projects like this that keep us coming back. Thank you to adidas Five Ten and Monster for supporting the sport.” Calvin Huth, Director 

For more ridiculous riding, you can watch Tom's first 'Wild West' edit from last year HERE


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