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Bold Introduces the All-New LINKIN 2022 7

BOLD CYCLES introduces its new progressive carbon trail bike. The BOLD LINKIN is offered with either 135 or 150 mm of travel, which can then be changed by the inner link. Four versions will be available, which differ in frame travel set-up and build specifications. Integration and handling are the key features on this innovative and technology driven, premium trail bike. The LINKIN will be available in 39 international markets.

Givisiez, Switzerland, November 2021. The BOLD LINKIN is the pinnacle of innovation, focused on technical and esthetic details to emphasize its industry leading innovation and design. Created by passionate bikers and engineered for those wanting a high-end experience of technology and design.

Vincenz Droux, Head of Engineering & Design Bold Cycles: "Integration has always been a core feature of our bikes. With the new LINKIN we continue to follow this credo. Upon analyzing forces going into the frame, with the LINKIN we decided to place the shock horizontally near the downtube junction. This ensures an extremely low center of gravity a offers plenty of clearance for long-travel seatposts. In addition to the IST VP suspension technology designed for progressive trail riding, the bike features several other innovative solutions. The "Save The Day Kit" in the downtube, an optimized SAG and Bottom-Out Indicator and geometry adjustment options at the front and rear are just a few. The playful yet smooth handling coupled with a chassis with lots of pop and plenty of support in the mid-travel range provide incredible performance and round out the package for the ambitious trail rider."

Years of experience in development, frame building and manufacturing inspires us to question and redefine the rules of existing technology concepts. Integration has always been a key feature on our bikes and the search for non-conventional ideas to push the boundaries of technology in order to create bikes that are designed to elevate the riders experience. With the goal to create the best ride quality in combination with a clean, integrated design, we have discarded the principles of classic full-suspension frame design, and redefined the traditional linkage systems to suit our frame’s kinematics and suspension characteristics by integrating the rear suspension into the frame design.

Progressive geometry in combination with the innovative Internal Suspension Technology brings the perfect mix of balance and control to the LINKIN. The shock is mounted in the lowest possible position inside the front triangle thanks to this design. This central and low mounting point for the shock, rocker link and pivot, but also the bottle cage lead to a very low center of mass, giving superb handling capabilities.


Frame stiffness, lowest center of gravity and optimum shock performance are the key benefits to our Internal Suspension Technology. The condition of the rear shock has a significant impact on suspension performance. The shock is always protected from dirt, water and crashes to ensure it is functioning at its best. As a result, the bike benefits from better handling, longer shock service intervals and a more stable, confidence inspiring ride.


With the shock placed internally, we are able to design an ultra compact linkage system for low weight and high stiffness. The linkage is directly attached to the shock and mounted to an axle inside the frame, meaning the suspension pivots no longer have to be constructed around the frame. This makes our link shorter than any other traditional suspension platform. Using a Virtual Pivot linkage design improves the suspension feel, pedaling and braking response to work with maximum efficiency. Our kinematic suspension curve gives supple small bump sensitivity and therefore exceptional traction characteristics, perfect support in the mid-stroke and a controlled deep stroke for perfect bottom out control.


The integration concept features a clever storage solution for tools inside the frame which is easily accessible by opening the downtube cover. The kit includes a spare tube, mini pump, tire levers and a spot for chain quick links to save your day, in case of a flat tire. To get you back on the trail fast, the Syncros MATCHBOX SL-CT Multi-Tool is hidden inside the frame covering most emergencies.


Accessing the shock is possible via a cover in the down tube area. This makes it easy to adjust rebound, compression, shock pressure as well as access to the cable of the TracLoc Suspension System. Setting the right sag can easily be done via a magnet equipped travel indicator on the outside. The end stroke travel can also be checked on the smartly designed travel indicator for perfect bottom out control. Shock bolts are easily accessible from the outside. The LINKIN comes with either a Fox Nude 5T or a RockShox Deluxe shock, giving either 150mm or 135mm of rear wheel travel and in combination with the TracLoc Suspension System. The travel option can be set by replacing the inner linkage at the bottom bracket area, keeping the flexibility having both options on one frame platform.


TracLoc manages the sag effect in several ways. Whereas most systems only increase low-speed compression in an effort to gain pedaling efficiency, TracLoc allows you to not only change compression damping, but also to change the spring curve, dynamically altering the geometry of the bike. In Traction mode, the shock is not only firmer, but it has dynamically less travel. The bike sits higher, maintains a steep seat angle for those climbs, and becomes more agile. In addition, the LINKIN has a third mode with a full lockout for going up the steepest trails in the most efficient manner possible.


Having the ability to tune the bottom bracket height and head angle allows you to optimize the geometry and handling for you and your trails. With the Flip-Chip on the Bold VarioTec you can change the bottom bracket height by 6.3 mm giving the LINKIN frame the availability to be customized off-the-shelf. You can adjust the head angle by effective 1 degree slacker or steeper. This can be done by rotating the headset cups 180 degrees.


Incredible dropper post compatibility and unlimited positioning possibilities thanks to the horizontal layout of the rear shock in combination with the Internal Suspension Technology. Meaning a 200mm travel dropper coupled with a low seat position is no problem for the LINKIN.


The premium bar of choice features an integrated bar and stem concept by Syncros, now also allowing for the integration of cables on the front of the bike. Extensive testing allowed Syncros to scan perfectly the desired position for your width, rise and sweep, allowing to get the position matched perfectly to what you need to ride at the highest level.

For the most passionate riders seeking the most progressively engineered bikes, the all new LINKIN provides the industry’s most sophisticated, state of the art technology and design features. The compact Internal Suspension Technology system and premium carbon fiber tubes create loads of space in the front triangle for a water bottle in addition to a light and torsionally stiff frame. The perfect balance of function and design. The bike looks as good as it works.

The LINKIN Product Range 2022

The new LINKIN comes in 4 different versions and 2 framesets: LINKIN 135 ULTIMATE (8.499 €), LINKIN 150 ULTIMATE (10.999 €), LINKIN 135 PRO (5.999 €), LINKIN 150 PRO (6.999 €), LINKIN frameset in BLACK or WHITE (4.999 €).

The 2022 LINKIN will be available by the beginning of 2022. Pricing might vary according to currency, please reach out to your local BOLD contact for further information.

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