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Alchemy Sine Suspension: It’s the Sine of the Times 5

Vital Readers’ Exclusive: For a limited time, get $500 off your Arktos!

Alchemy Sine Suspension: It’s the Sine of the Times

Alchemy Sine Suspension might be the SINE of the times, but time is limited on a special offer to get $500 off your Alchemy Arktos featuring the patented SINE suspension. This exclusive Vital readers’ deal expires April 10th, so we DARE you to try one now! Use the code vital500 at check out on 

Vital testers think you should too: “The Sine Suspension system and geometry [of the Arktos] are matched ideally for great performance in every situation, and the small brand feel will appeal to many. Kudos to Alchemy Bicycles for taking something with potential and making something great.”


What makes SINE Suspension so great?

Alchemy engineers, along with suspension guru Dave Earle, developed SINE Suspension system with the characteristics and kinematics to best counteract the effects of weight transfer on the suspension system: The result virtually eliminates ‘pedal bobbing’ while offering the maximum tune-ability, so riders of various sizes, proportions, and ride feel preferences, get the optimum suspension performance out of their Arktos. 

Along with that, we've done everything in our ability to deliver a system that optimizes suspension performance and anti-squat characteristics for the widest range of riders on any size bike. A rider who is 5'10" and 190lbs, riding a medium bike is potentially going to be in a much different position, and generating many different forces, than a rider who is 5'10" and 150lbs. Their stem length, saddle positions, and upper-vs-lower body weight distribution will be totally different. All of these factors affect their center of mass, which in turn affects suspension movement. SINE is the best suspension system for varying terrain on bikes with travel varying from 120mm to 150mm.


With rider differences in mind, we've built the Arktos SDL bike that leaves the most additional room for tuning by shock manufacturers and riders, extending the most customizable, high-quality suspension performance to the most riders we can. That's the philosophy and capability built into every Alchemy Arktos.      

So, let’s start with how Sine works. As the bike moves through the travel, the rear wheel path resembles a mathematical Sine curve. At the beginning of the stroke, you see suspension regression(Soften) in order to allow the bike to absorb small bumps and provide climbing traction. As you move into the middle of the stroke the suspension moves into a progressive shock rate (Stiffer). This prevents wallowing on big hits or in hard and fast corners.

When you really push it and open the end of the stroke, the suspension becomes regressive again to enable full use of the rear wheel travel. This pattern is specifically designed to minimize chainstay growth, improve pedaling efficiency and keep the suspension active under braking. All these factors make for an incredibly lively and efficient ride.


Check out Dave Earle explain SINE suspension on YouTube

This is what Vital had to say.

“Part of what makes the Sine System unique is that it was designed with kinematics and the whole bike in mind, rather than as a compartmentalized system chosen after much of the frame qualities had been designed.

The term “Sine” is fitting as the shock curve matches the shape of a single wavelength mathematical sine graph. The shock rate is regressive to begin for small bump compliance, progressive at the mid-stroke for a lively feel, and regressive near end stroke to allow travel to be fully utilized and further refined as needed with volume spacers. As we noted in our first Alchemy review a changing shock rate is common, whereas a design that changes twice is still unique. All of this can be further refined through suspension tuning and thankfully the Arktos 150 is compatible with both air and coil shocks. However, the regressive end stroke is ideal for air shocks, which are inherently progressive. In the end, Alchemy believes all these pieces allow for the most versatile, well-rounded bikes on the market. Because of our positive experience with the old Alchemy’s suspension, we were confident that this version would be great too, it was the bike’s updated geometry that we were more interested in.” 

Read the full review here.

What’s holding you back? We DARE you to take the discount and start riding an Alchemy. Use this CODE vital500 for $500 off any ARKTOS model. Offer ends April 10th, visit 

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