XT- SLX, Magura Mt2 brakes?

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2/6/2017 9:00 AM

What is performance difference between Xt and Slx performance wise and braking power wise if you're a pretty light rider. How does the magura brakes stack up next to those ones? And if I bought just the SLX/ XT calipers would they work with my stock levers? Thoughts and help will be very much appreciated.


2/10/2017 3:03 PM

I don't think there is any difference between SLX or XT, but the XTs are a little lighter. All Shimano levers will pair with Shimano calipers. I don't know what levers you have but if they're Shimano then they should work. The newer 8000 xt has a different bleed port cover that is one piece as opposed to the SLX which is 2 parts, SLX m675 is the levers I'm referring to. I'm not an expert but I'm fairly sure the info I gave is accurate, but I'm sure someone else will also chime in to help you. Thanks


2/10/2017 7:30 PM

The SLX brakes are very good on trail and they come at a great price. They'll treat you well and work reliably.


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2/13/2017 9:19 AM

I have the bottom of the line brakes/ levers, M365 I believe... so that's great! I can just get new SLX calipers and pair them with me stock levers.... sweet thanks for the help!


2/17/2017 5:24 PM

The maguras have injection molded plastic lever bodies/master cylinders. High-end ones like mt8 have a lot of carbon mixed into the plastic, but the low end ones like MT2 look like standard gf30 nylon. They are super light and work well enough, though you do see them break here and there. Also seem to need a bleed more often.


2/17/2017 8:46 PM

Yeah the price of swapping to SLX calipers will be half the the price of 1 magura brake... the things you mentioned don't encourage me to spend more money getting them!