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"I spent my early teens riding BMX at the local skate park. Some young lad called Danny used to show up now and then and kick our arse. Not sure whatever happened to him" Not danny mackaskill right??! :D

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Yeah the price of swapping to SLX calipers will be half the the price of 1 magura brake... the things you mentioned don't encourage me to spend more money getting them!

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This has been the works quite awhile I think.... was reading an oldish MBA article from June and they hooked up with Michelin in Santa Cruz and rode on a Prototype tread... They didn't give any specifics or details really because it hadn't been release ... more »

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Super sweet steed!!!

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I have the bottom of the line brakes/ levers, M365 I believe... so that's great! I can just get new SLX calipers and pair them with me stock levers.... sweet thanks for the help!

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Sick build!

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Paint job and decals are horrible! Way too much green! It's just soo glaring..

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Looking forward to having this product back on the market! You guys did such a sick job with it! Keep up the good work!

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hahahaha deff!!!

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why the oval chainring? and how does the wheelset perform?

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Well heck it has Di2 shifting so he probably is an XC racer also notice the SC fork? I've kinda always thought of the Tallboy as a super short travel playful trail bike... but i'm guessing that Santa Cruz designed it to be flexible...

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What is performance difference between Xt and Slx performance wise and braking power wise if you're a pretty light rider. How does the magura brakes stack up next to those ones? And if I bought just the SLX/ XT calipers would they work with my stock ... more »

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I know it's a bit late to start a topic like this. But just wanted to hear your thoughts on the game. and who you were rooting for. Personally i was going for the Falcons!

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really like the red and blue!

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