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Seeking advice from Aussies

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1/14/2015 7:45 PM

Hello Australia!
I'm currently living in Queenstown, NZ, but would like to spend winter in a warmer climate (don't need summer, just... Not winter), and where I can make a bit of money (Queenstown is kicking my ass financially).
So I thought about Australia. The company I'm currently working in has branches in pretty much every city and major town in Aus, so with a bit of luck I could get relocated anywhere.
Which brings me to my question: where should I go?
My criteria are: a) acceptable weather (I'm from Belgium so not too picky). b) good DH and/or trail riding. c) riding fairly close to town centre (I won't have a car, but I'll definitely buy a moped or something).

Thank you if you stuck with me through this long post and thank you in advance for your suggestions!


2/15/2015 8:19 PM

Toowoomba is great! Good trails, DH and Enduro, right at your doorstep if you live on the east side of town, riding all year!


2/22/2015 5:14 AM

hey man, its tough without a car but you will find people. theres not many places im aware of you can get public transport to a DH track, trails are a bit easier. Ive lived in WA and NSW and both are fine. Realisitcally the weather is pretty good everywhere. Victoria seems to have a lot going on at the moment. When I lived in Sydney there were lots of places to ride throughout the city so it was pretty accessible. Perth has fewer locations and theyre all on the edge of the city - an easy drive but forget public transport again.