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History Lesson - Early Indoor Mountain Biking

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12/14/2011 12:51 PM

Good grief, I wonder why this never took off? It's like watching motocross being raced by a crew of sloths.


12/17/2011 8:36 PM

You would think that with the ticket sales alone that this would have been the future of the sport, I counted at least five people in the stadium! LOL.


12/20/2011 10:04 AM

Ho. Lee. Crap. That is funny!
Strange that someone decided to use an MX course, and not a BMX course for this.


Eat. Ride. Sleep. Repeat.

12/20/2011 10:07 AM

I find it strange that the event promoter didn't see 4 seconds of practice and didn't say:


12/20/2011 10:08 AM

i give all those people props for being able to ride through the whoops with 10ft high posts and 15ft long stems!


12/20/2011 12:26 PM

No number plates?...geesh At least get some paper plates and a sharpie, underground style


12/20/2011 4:02 PM

Does anyone remember when the halftime show at the LA Supercross was a mountain bike race? Tomac and all the tough guys were there; I was so stoked for the race, but from the stands it looked like they barely made it around the track. All the moto fans were off getting beers.


12/21/2011 6:44 PM

I'm guessing it's a moto track? Ha. Props to those guys. That would be a tough bike (cycle) track. K-shiz, I love the arrested development drop in.