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History Lesson- Chris Akrigg Brakeless

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5/11/2011 11:19 AM

Chris Akrigg is insanely talented. He just loves to ride bikes or all sorts and challenge himself on any set of wheels.

After balling hard in trials, he had to make things interesting for himself and took his brakes off for a genre of cycling practically defined by brakes. He was one of the first people to put out a brakeless trials video and it blew people's minds a few years back. It still is damn impressive today.

">Brakeless Two / Chris Akrigg from chris akrigg on Vimeo.


5/11/2011 1:24 PM

This guy is as much talented as Danny M., but not so famous.
He is still riding a 2000-2001 megamo pro steel frame ... With an amazing style : smooth, flow, and clean !

">Check this other old video (with brake)


5/11/2011 1:37 PM

so brakes. sheesh


5/11/2011 1:56 PM

Hands down favorite rider. it seems as though every two-wheeled sport he has entered, he has done well in. I would imagine his injury was caused by him falling off the cliffs similar to what he shot in Earthed 3. Hope he returns quickly.


5/11/2011 8:39 PM

Heal up Chris! Love his style and vids!


5/12/2011 8:51 PM



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