JACK RICE - More Than Just a Bike Photographer 7

Candor, transparency and grit.

We're honored to have Jack Rice on The Inside Line. You probably know Jack as a mountain bike race photographer with his work from the World Cups and #USDH races featured on Vital. He was also the team photographer for Transition Factory Racing this season. However, just a few years ago, Jack had no significant photography experience and very little time on a mountain bike. So how did he become a successful photographer in our scene in such a short time? Through grit, determination, and a desire to never go back to what he calls his old life.

There are heavy topics covered in this episode, so please be advised if there are sensitive or younger ears listening.


Today Jack shares his story which includes growing up in Brooklyn, experiencing friends lost in the 9/11 terror attacks, tackling severe drug and alcohol addiction, and the power of community and family. We also talk about what it was like breaking into the World Cup MTB photography community and dig into what the future looks like.

Thank you, listeners, for making Vital MTB such an incredible community. Stories like Jack's make us proud to be a part of this two-wheeled family.

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 3:57 - How I Met Jack
  • 10:59 - First Vital Assignment
  • 14:23 - Life in Brooklyn, School Sports Success
  • 20:29 - Experiencing the 9/11 Attacks at Age 13 in New York
  • 27:41 - Moving on from 9/11
  • 31:50 - Introduction to Alcohol, Drugs and Dealing
  • 37:58 - Drug Addiction, Rehab and Jail
  • 49:06 - Going to Prison
  • 53:35 - Recovering from Addiction
  • 1:04:01 - Mountain Bikes Come Into Jack's Life
  • 1:08:04 - Becoming a Mountain Bike Photographer
  • 1:18:29 - Media Squids and Photography Etiquette
  • 1:26:40 - The Community Buys Jack a Camera
  • 1:37:22 - Being Transition Factory Racing Team Photographer
  • 1:44:10 - The New Guard of MTB Media
  • 1:46:04 - Valentia Roa Sanchez, World Cup Champ
  • 1:51:25 - 2024 Outlook
  • 2:09:13 - Questions from the Homies
  • 2:14:18 - Warhammer Miniature Painting

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Flying drones with dad.
Flying drones with dad.


The GoFundMe, Meredith created for Jack.
The GoFundMe, Meredith created for Jack.
Jack with Meredith after the goal was hit.
Jack with Meredith after the goal was hit.


photo by Monica Gasbichler



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