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Leatt’s latest lightweight helmet offers three coverage options to meet the needs of riders participating in multiple riding disciplines.

In the last few years, Leatt has substantially grown its mountain bike product line to extend well past its inaugural neck brace protection. A scroll through Leatt's current offering showcases an impressive depth of head-to-toe products for every discipline. One of the latest products to spawn out of their South African facility is the Enduro 3.0 helmet. Utilizing a unique 3-in-1 design thanks to modular push-button attachments, the helmet delivers three protection levels to match any ride. 


  • Lightweight polymer shell with in-molded impact foam
  • Powerbridge top shell construction
  • 360° Turbine Technology
  • 3-IN-1 helmet design 
    • Half shell open face
    • Removable chin bar with push button system
    • Removable over-the-ear guards with a push button system
  • Certifications: AS/NZS 2063:2008, EN1078, CPSC 1203, ASTM F1952–10
  • Adjustable visor with breakaway function to reduce rotational impact force
  • 20 vents
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • Sunglasses dock for secure storage
  • Anti-odor, washable inner liner (extra set included)
  • Three sizes (51-55cm, 55-59cm, 59-63cm)
  • Four colorways
  • Weight (size medium): 
    • Half shell: 450g
    • Half shell with ear guards: 580g
    • Full face: 700g
  • MSRP: $259.99 USD


The Enduro 3.0 uses a lightweight polymer shell with in-molded impact foam for superior energy absorption. The shell design features a power bridge construction that improves strength and load distribution during an impact. Twenty vents are located throughout the helmet to maximize active and passive ventilation. 


Inside the helmet can be found 360 ̊ Turbine Technology. A feature found in all Leatt helmets, the small blue discs are made from an energy-absorbing material. The purpose of the discs is to reduce rotational acceleration to the head and absorb energy during a crash. Leatt states that 360 ̊ Turbine Technology can reduce peak brain acceleration by up to 30% at forces that cause concussions and reduce rotational acceleration by up to 40%. The adjustable visor also features a breakaway function to further reduce rotational force.


A micro adjuster at the rear of the helmet allows for quick, on-the-go fitment adjustment. The adjuster can also be raised or lowered to change where it tightens around your head. Moisture-wicking, anti-odor pads ensure maximum comfort, and an extra, thinner set of pads is included. All pads are also washable. Finally, a Fidlock magnetic closure is used instead of a traditional D-ring buckle to secure the helmet.  


Adjustability and versatility separate the Enduro 3.0 from other lightweight helmets. Riders can choose between a standard half-shell helmet, a three-quarter style helmet with ear coverage, or a full-face helmet. Deciding what setup to rock comes down to the riding you are doing, breathability, and weight. The half shell only weighs 450g and offers the lightest, coolest setup. The three-quarter setup with ear guards weighs 580g, and the full-face setup weighs a respectable 700g. 


Swapping between each helmet configuration is straightforward and pain-free. Simply hook the ear guards or chin bar on the half shell, then click the push-button system into place. Removal requires pushing the button to disengage from the half shell, then pulling outwards. 


The Enduro 3.0 is available in three sizes and four colorways and retails for $259.99.  


Initial Impressions

 The main selling point of the Enduro 3.0 is the ability to receive three premium helmets for the price of one. Slipping on the helmet in each configuration offers a unique fit and enjoyable aesthetic to match various riding styles. On paper, the thought of a helmet that can be worn three ways sounds like you could end with a helmet that looks awkward when set up any which way. Anyone who's ridden a removable chin bar helmet knows that one setup typically looks best. Luckily, the Enduro 3.0 offers a balanced look in each coverage option. The visor doesn't appear too long when worn as a half shell, and the chin bar looks proportionate to the rest of the helmet when installed. 


The helmet's fit does change depending on how you have it set up. The half shell alone sat higher on our heads compared to other helmets we've worn. While comfortable, snug, and secure, the coverage felt modest. The upside of this fitment was the extra space between the brow of the helmet and the top of our sunglasses, minimizing any eyewear conflict. The feeling of the helmet transformed drastically after installing the ear guards. The added protection around our jaw gave the helmet a tighter overall fit without significantly affecting breathability. This setup would be our go-to for daily trail or enduro riding involving climbs to reach descents. Finally, adding the chin-bar gave the helmet a similar fit to the three-quarter setup, with the thicker cheek pads providing additional security. The chin bar is highly ventilated and lightweight, making the full-face setup best suited for aggressive enduro riding. For those looking to knock out shuttle runs or bike park laps, we would recommend looking at one of Leatt's dedicated full-face helmets.


 Overall, we commend Leatt for creating a helmet that can mold to meet the needs of multiple riders. Or mold to meet the needs of one rider participating in multiple riding disciplines. Either way, the fit, look, and protection offered in each coverage option make the Enduro 3.0 a quality option for those prioritizing breathability, weight, and versatility.  

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